It’s Why NOT What!

You are in business? You want people to buy your service or product? You are constantly promoting and selling your ‘wares’? Let me ask you a question! Is it working for you? Because there might be another way! As a business owner, whilst we don’t like to boast about what we do, we know we are good at what we do and are passionate about the service or product we provide, and to be successful gaining clients and generating revenue we are constantly out there prospecting to promote ourselves and our business. But, have you ever thought about HOW we are doing this and if WHAT we are saying is the right way or the best way? We all know what it’s like to have someone do the hard-sell on us, for example, when we walk into a shop and we are pounced on or the retail assistant loiters close

Take the Leader Test and see how you score!

We hear about leadership a great deal, don’t we? But how do we know if we have the characteristics of a good leader, and are these skills inherent within us or something that can be learned? We think of a leader as being a front-runner, a trailblazer, or a ground-breaker, so let’s look at some typical values a leader might have and score yourself at the end! Precision and simplicity – we are meticulous, clear about the direction we are taking and the expected outcome, keeping it simple, being careful not to over-complicate things Capability and aptitude – we show others we can not only do the work but be a great role model to our teams and peers, providing the capacity to empower others to be successful Promises and obligations – we mean what we say and say what we mean, being careful to deliver on our promises to

Be an Inspiration to Yourself!

Who inspires you the most? Who impresses you the most? What is it about those people that inspire and impress you? How would you like to inspire or impress people? These are questions we should ask ourselves if we want to grow. Perhaps that person is from our past, our childhood or school days who was an influential part of our lives. It might be from our present, someone in the workplace or another business. The person who inspires or impresses you the most could either be personally or professionally or both! If we are going to think about whom these people are we need to have a reason for thinking about them. Perhaps we want to learn some of their qualities, gain some of their skills, or develop our personal or professional growth in the way they did. Here are a few things you might want to consider: Take

Making Choices

Have you ever thought about how you make the choices you make? Do you always see the choices you have, or do you look for obstacles? Reason 1: Our fear of failure – We are so worried we might make the wrong decision or the wrong choice that we do nothing. Who decides what is a ‘wrong choice’ anyway? Is it the result or the outcome we measure this by, or the way we were made to feel after we made our choice? Only we know what is best for us, what might be the right path for us to make, we know ourselves more than anyone else don’t we? Reason 2: Our need to over-analyse things – How many of us over-think things constantly? We spend so long deliberating about so many choices and worrying about doing the wrong thing, making it much more complicated than it is. We

Helping You To Make That Change!

Are you feeling stuck or stressed with your present situation? Are you dissatisfied or disappointed about how things are you for you right now? Are you avoiding the things you most need to be confronting? Then you need to make a change, but HOW? There are stages of change from the status quo, how things are for us right now to the NEW status quo, having made the change we want to get us from a bad position to a good position. How might we get from our current status quo to the new status quo? Here are some steps you might want to consider for your or your business: Current Situation – staying put – doing nothing, but is this an option? What are the consequences of not making a change and continuing doing the same thing expecting a different outcome? Introducing a new component – doing something about

Ever Wondered What Mentoring Was All About?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if every time we ran into problems there was always someone to hand to provide that fresh perspective? Wouldn’t it be amazing if we had someone we were always accountable to who was our teacher and our coach? Wouldn’t it be awesome if we had a guide who motivated us, acted as an advocate, and was completely empathetic happy to share all their knowledge and insights? Did you know you could have all of these rolled into one if you had a business mentor and coach? When we go into business and become business owners we think we can manage all aspects of running our business as well as providing the service we are skilled in, but unfortunately, no-one has all the skills, and we end up being a Jack of All Trades, juggling too many balls and ending up becoming unfocused, overwhelmed and under-achieving. To

Are you up for the Challenge?

Over the last few months I have become increasingly aware of how many of us face new challenges every day and intrigued as to how we face them! Health Issues – I live by the mantra, treat every day as though it’s your last, as you just don’t know what’s around the corner. Recently I’ve had two family members and two friends who have had to face the most challenging health issues and admired each one on how they’ve faced these and where they’ve drawn strength from. Learning New Things – I truly believe we have something to learn every day and try and take what I’ve learned and use it and share my learning with others. Whether it’s IT software, a new job or career, whether it’s starting a new hobby, spending time with children or grandchildren doing their homework – we are having to soak up new information

What to do when you’re feeling stuck!

“When you are stuck in the same routine for months, you stop seeing new opportunities.” Dhaval Gajera When we are feeling stuck we can’t think straight, can’t think of any positives, only negatives, feeding ourselves with all reasons we can’t do something. If only we looked on being stuck in a positive way, instead of this being a bad omen, look upon it as a new beginning, a sign that it’s time to change. It may be changing what you’re doing or the way you’re doing it, but remember, nothing changes if nothing changes. Doing nothing isn’t an option! Not if we want to move forward. So how can we get ourselves unstuck? Here are some tips which might be useful: Listen to your gut instinct, your intuition, and believe in what your heart is telling you. Perhaps it’s telling you it’s time for a change Stop overthinking and over-analysing

How Productive is YOUR business?

Are you productive in your business? If not, what is it that makes you unproductive? If you are, what is it that make you productive? AND, how do you maintain the productivity and keep motivated? These are all questions we hear amongst business owners – how do YOU do it? And often, we think or reflect, why can’t we be like them, how do they make it work and we can’t? What do they have that we don’t – how can they do it and us not? Productivity means efficiency and output, and as we know, to be successful in business means the more output we have the more input we will receive. BUT how do we go about it? Productivity is not just efficiency and output and is much more that increasing revenue, as this only reflects the outcome or the ‘end’ result. We must analyse our business thoroughly,

Getting the Help YOU Need to Succeed!

Are you one of those people who never asks for help? Because you know everything or think you know everything OR don’t want people to think you don’t know everything? Perhaps you’ve asked for help but received wrong or bad advice because you’ve asked the wrong people and wished you hadn’t! You might have wanted to ask for help but didn’t know who to ask. Using a business coach and mentor can help you gain clarity and direction, however, to help you succeed here are some suggestions you might like to consider: Our Behaviour – We might have developed ambitious goals which are unachievable. We need to focus on how we are going to achieve our goal by focusing on the process; be able to adapt and be flexible in how to get what we want. We need to ensure what we do is done well, starting and ending with