Anthony Wheeler

Debs has been great taking some of the ‘fog’ out of the business and my mind. I’ve been able to get clear on whats ‘working on’ and ‘working in’ the business.

Going through the process I’ve been able to break everything down into separate areas and allocate time to each meaning nothing gets left behind.

Holley Ebony

When I attended my first speech coaching class, I was apprehensive that Success Factor could help me.  I used to get terribly nervous whenever I had to do public speaking, the dead giveaway – my shaky voice and clammy hands.  This coupled with the hand-held full written speech-crutch, I was the ideal speech coaching candidate.

After the first two sessions with Debs at Success Factor, I was already noticing a difference.  My body was no longer reactive when I was up the front speaking.  Debs enduring patience and confidence in me and the other participants was legendary. With Debs insightful tips and the supportive ‘safe’ environment I felt I could be myself and had the encouragement of the group.

Debs gave a lot of helpful feedback around speech techniques do’s and don’ts and how to enhance a presentation by being very conscious with thorough preparation and practice.  This included foregoing any ‘crutch’ relying only on cue cards and visual aids, no mean feat!

By week four then week five, I had successfully partaken a role as MC of a Fashion Show Fundraiser for Aviva Women’s Refuge in front of 80 people, the nerves were under control and it was said to be a raving success!  I don’t believe I would have had the same confidence as an MC without my Success Factor training.   I could not recommend Debs highly enough, it has been invaluable training for my business!

Dianna Koorey

Debs has been very helpful and inspiring to work with, and has had a very positive impact on our team. We will go from strength to strength.

Gregory Sweet

I attended the Success Factor Creative Management Seminar which really helped bring our team together. A very worthwhile experience. Thanks Debs.

Samuel Phillip

I attended a Creative Management Seminar which was absolutely fantastic. As a group we decided to use Success Factor to strengthen our team and focus our efforts for the future. The outcome has had a positive effect on our workplace for all staff. Personally I have gained a lot of knowledge about myself and my professional role. It has opened up pathways and more than anything opened my eyes to the potential opportunities that have been there the whole time. Thanks a lot to Debs for her time and genuine care.

Jane Sommerville

We had a very successful team management creative seminar with Debs. She was a very good facilitator and our team worked well to complete it. It has made us understand each other more and we are working very well as a team. Thanks Deb.

Denise Pheloung

I attended an “Elevator Pitch” workshop which I found extremely helpful. I know exactly what my business does and how I want to get the message across to people, but being able to sum it up in one or two sentences is incredibly helpful. So now I’m confident in portraying my business in a short message, and the number of times I’ve used it has astounded me. Thanks Debs.

Emma Mae

I attended Success Factor’s 5 week, public speaking training course, and I have to say, it far exceeded my expectations and was well worth the affordable price it was. I had a breakthrough during this time, and no longer feel uncomfortable about impromptu speaking due to the techniques I was able to practice in a supportive environment. Success Factor (and Debs) really know how to get results!

Vijay Vellaisamy

I attended Elevate Your Public Speaking workshop. It really helped me to Communicate With Confidence. Highly Recommend to anyone! Thanks Debs.

Mark Smith

I have worked with Debs in a one to one business coaching situation (multiple sessions), as well as in a workshop environment where I was taught how to create a condensed and very thought provoking elevator speech.
Debs is very easy to communicate with where she makes the difficult to understand appear simple, and was able to find the areas of improvement where I could do the least, but get the most benefit out of (some of these areas of improvement i was not even aware of – shows how much i knew about myself!).
For anyone wanting to improve their business and themselves, being on a professional or personal level, i would say get in touch with Debs.
Just like myself, you will see results!

Rebecca Taiaroa

I attended one of Debs’ Elevator Speech workshops, Elevate Your Public Speaking, when I had just started out in business. By the end of the workshop, I had a wonderful, concise and clear elevator speech that worked! Debs has that ‘X’ factor and knows exactly how to get the best out of you when you don’t know how to.

Joanne Wheeler

I have used a number of business coaches over the years and have become somewhat disenchanted with them. Never really getting the results I was after. Debs was extremely refreshing and a real surprise. Debs is straight talking and listens to what you say and will not step over anything, she holds me accountable, keeps me on my toes and expands the way I see myself and my business. If your considering a business coach I highly recommend you check out Debs at Success Factor.

Peter King

I’ve invested with Debs now in two seminar/sessions – Elevator Pitch and Public Speaking course.
To say I’ve found both useful is an understatement! Enjoyed the challenges, I thoroughly have. Debs’ is caring and supportive yet with her gentle approach and will make you work the outcome you set yourself.
Value for money – of course! Debs is about the results, not the revenue. Thanks, Debs – you’re excellent and I thoroughly endorse Success Factor, your product and of course, you personally.


Krystal Williams

Recently, I delivered my first presentation since completing public speaking coaching sessions with Success Factor. What a difference – I was confident, no nerves, quivering voice or shaky knees. The presentation went really well, I was very pleased with my progress and I felt like a totally different person. I can truly recommend Debs, she was professional, fun to work with and made me feel totally comfortable. Thank you Debs, you have given me the tools I needed to deliver presentations with more confidence.

Chris Nathan

I had the wonderful gift of 6 sessions with Debs.
With her warmth, humour and sharp insights, she listened carefully then offered options, advice and ideas to help me move forward in personal, family, career and health areas.
‘The Wheel of Life’, clarified the reality of my life in key areas, enabling me to plan wisely in order to move forward.
Developing ‘daily affirmations’ was another tool that has brought significant shifts in my thinking, decision making and focus. I am feeling more in tune with myself and enjoy life more.
The wide scope of Debs’ knowledge and experience was inspiring.
I am recommending to her with enthusiasm and confidence.

Nicole Wheeler

I worked with Debs over a period of two months in order to advance my career. Debs took a holistic approach to coaching, encouraging me to make progress in my professional goals whilst making sure I didn’t neglect other important areas of my life such as family, friends and my health. The accountability and support Debs provided really helped to accelerate my progress in reaching my goals, and challenged me to achieve more than I would have if I were accountable only to myself. I highly recommend taking the opportunity to work with her.

Gail Dalley

I was thrilled to be able to share my time with such an experienced Life Coach.

Debs was so professional but fun at the same time.

I received weekly tasks to complete. Her excellent advice has worked well in my life which I am utilising on a daily basis.

I would strongly recommend using this business and can 100 % guarantee you will be happy from your experience – I am loving life.

Karen Dugdale

I have had six sessions with Success Factor to date and have found them to be very beneficial both in my personal and professional life. I enjoyed the relaxed environment in which the sessions were conducted and I liked the tasks that were set to help me grow. Debs has a great attitude, fab sense of humour and a wealth of experience, which is evident in the way she presents everything. I will be going back for further sessions and will also attend other business courses that Debs will be running through Success Factor – I highly recommend her.