Business Consultancy

Does your business need help or lack direction?

We provide a professional and personalised, warm and friendly tailored service, using a flexible format, as ‘one size doesn’t fit all’, which suits individual needs and business requirements.

We can ‘take the temperature’ of your business to identify pressure points and critical areas ensuring you and your team become more outcome focused to attain real results. We can help you create realistic strategies by setting SMART achievable goals, designed to grow and improve your business and processes.

We can design and streamline your policies and procedures simplifying your operational activities, reducing stress, consequently giving you more time to do the things you should and need to be doing to grow and improve your business.

Dealing with staff can be complex, so can managing people and supporting your employees, so to ensure you have motivated and loyal staff who will help you grow your business, we can also work with you to ensure that your recruitment and selection processes are the best they can and should be, ensuring you engage the best people that fit the needs and culture of your business.

We can also work with you to embed communication in all areas of your business, ensuring you are engaging with staff at all levels, finding improved ways of cultivating mutual respect, and leaving what motivates employees to succeed and stay!

We focus on you and your business’s individual needs, applying positive tactics to help you and your staff become self-reliant, giving your staff the confidence they can achieve what they want to achieve.

We can work with individual and staff in identifying and removing any obstacles helping them to accomplish their goals, as well as motivating and empowering them to achieve their potential. This can be done via individual or team sessions, and creative management seminars, which are both empowering and motivational helping you and your business reach its full potential and exceed expectations.

Need Workplace or Management Support?

Managing people and supporting employees can be a complex process. Success Factor can provide you with the tools to ensure you have motivated and loyal staff who will help you grow your business, so you and your staff become self-reliant.

New Business Start-Up?

Starting a new business or growing a new business can be stressful and overwhelming. Considering taking that leap? Or struggling with managing a growing business. Success Factor provides business coaching and consultancy for those who want to make professional improvements.