Ewan Hall – Business Coaching & Mentoring Programme

The Business Coaching & Mentoring Programme was great to get clarity on yourself and what you want to achieve.

The key thing I learned that I would use in the future is using iMA at work to best approach and talk to fellow workers.

The most interesting aspect as that iMA gave me a better understanding of people’s behaviour and why they are the way they are and the best tools to work with different personalities and their opinions.

What I liked most about the programme was the personable approach that was given at every session.

The programme gave me a better understanding of myself and helped me get direction in my career.

I would recommend the business coaching & mentoring programme.

The programme has given me a whole lot more self-belief in myself and the direction I am taking in my career is the ‘right’ one.

P-R-E-S-E-N-T Seminar – Enatel

Excellent seminar!

I learned that mindset is very important as well as prepare, prepare, prepare!

I thought the seminar provided a great opportunity to practice presentations in a safe environment and receive tips and tricks on how to work on improving your presentations.

The most useful tool I took away was the use of the speech template and eliminating ‘filler’ words.

I would hugely recommend this seminar who wants to learn valuable information to help improve their presentation skills. The content was great, seminar informative, full of great tips!

I learned how to handle ‘filler’ words and how to quickly plan presentations.

So many useful tips!

My biggest takeaway was making the presentation more of a conversation than a speech as well as less is more on PowerPoint i.e. using bullet points and talking around them, and how not to use ‘filler’ words!

A very valuable and informative seminar helping with both preparing and executing a presentation.

The seminar provided great practical advice and information for preparing presentations as well as effectively presenting them.

Excellent seminar with my useful strategy being not to learn script to present, how to avoid fillers and not to be afraid of pauses

I would definitely recommend this seminar to anyone who wants to be clear on how to improve their presentation skills and have fun at the same time!

Philippa Murphy – Babycues

It was great to have the space each week to download my business, and sometimes personal concerns. I loved the accountability and felt that the sessions became more productive as the weeks went on. Debs has a great way of ‘seeing the wood for the trees’ to help you decipher your next strategy and goals, along with setting up some great organisation practices.

My overall assessment of the Business Coaching & Mentoring Programme was that it has been most helpful and got better as time passed and Debs both learnt more about me and my vision of what I needed from her, and I about how she worked.

The key areas I took away from completing the Business Coaching & Mentoring Programme was the organisational skills for tasks. Being more proactive about asking for what is required and making sure the instructions are clear and favourable to me, not always following what the other person puts in front of me.

The most useful strategy I received was the weekly meeting and check-ins on progression, and the iMA Personal Consultation colours as these helped me understand myself more which gifted me a little freedom within my self-talk, and my partner, thus teaching me more ways to interact and work with him. Very valuable.

There was an opportunity for feedback halfway through the programme where I made one comment about Debs being more direct with communication with me so we can get through the lists and achieve more together, and Debs responded beautifully to this with me from that point and that’s when I began to feel we were getting through enough to make it financially worth it.

What I liked most about how the programme was delivered was meeting Debs and having her support.

The programme has kept me going on the task through a very busy and transformative time of my life. The accountability has been a life-line and will continue to be as I learn to have confidence that I can keep on track with Debs. Personally, it gifted me more perspectives and awareness.

I would definitely recommend Success Factor Business Coaching & Mentoring Programme as with guidance, others will know how to get the value out of the investment.


Barb – Speech Coaching Business Programme

I’ve just completed the Success Factor Speech Coaching Business Programme which consisted of five personalised one-hour sessions.

After being advised by management, I was to present a 10-minute informative, educational speech to management and my peers on a given subject which they had chosen.

I went into panic mode, and I thought ‘oh no’! how am I going to do this? I need some help to do this in a professional confident manner.

Guided by Debs’ training, I was able to present a well put together professional speech by forward planning with the use of my newly learned tools, which included mind mapping and the use of a speech template. I was learned how to consider where I was doing the speech, my audience and my environment.

As a result, I’ve enjoyed the whole experience and I’m really looking forward to the next challenge.

Thank you Debs

Ms P – Business Coaching & Mentoring Programme

The programme has a solutions-focused approach which requires you to take action and work towards your goal. Debs makes you accountable to reach your goal which is done in a very professional way.

My overall assessment of the business coaching & mentoring programme was that it has a solutions-focused approach which requires you to take action and work towards your goal. Debs makes you accountable to reach your goal which is done in a very professional way.

Debs worked on so many different areas starting with the iMA Questionnaire, giving me an increased confidence to spread my networking far wider in my job search. I’m looking forward to the next stage of my career.

The most useful strategy I learned was for interviews, for example, when in an interview situation use the STAR technique. Having prepared for different questions with this technique, I feel more confident in my approach to an interview. I’ve also enjoyed revisiting the book The Secret and adapting these strategies.

What I enjoyed most about the delivery of the programme was that the theory behind what we discussed was provided and then a strategy to use. The weekly actions then worked towards the strategy. I liked the transparency of this approach.

The programme has made a difference to my personal and professional role in that I was able to get back on track with my career search and the renewed confidence that has come with this.

I would definitely recommend Debs as she knows her area of expertise and is extremely professional in her mentoring of this.

Name requested to be withheld

Roberta McIlraith – Ocula Optometrists Merivale

I found the Success Factor Business Coaching & Mentoring Programme very helpful.

The programme showed me how to manage my time, delegation skills, conflict resolution skills, both internally and externally.

I felt the programme was relaxed and organic.

The programme improved my confidence in business and management skills.

I would recommend the Debs, Success Factor Business Coaching & Mentoring Programme – it really builds confidence in developing and utilising your own strategies and it provided great guidance.

Thanks Debs!


Phil Hunt FENZ

Excellent service and very insightful; it has given me a better understanding of how I react in situations and strategies to reduce negative reactions / interactions.

The three biggest points I’ll take away for me are, what hat am I wearing here and now, what is in my ‘backpack’ – what’s in yours, and ‘can I get back to you’; not every situation requires an immediate response.

The most useful strategy I learned was to take a pause to collect myself. Saying to a person “I will get back to you after I have had a think about …” giving me time and space to digest and formulate a response without the emotion.

I like the relaxed and natural flow of the sessions; I knew what I wanted to discuss, and I think most people know what’s bothering them and if not, the situations we discussed Debs was able to identify talking points from her experience.

I liked that the programme is not formal, and we were able to use everyday language, some of this higher level of thinking can be off putting for people and I enjoyed how examples of situations where a strategy was used made it easy to understand.

The coaching support allowed me to understand different personalities and how they interact and what baggage we all carry and how that influences our day-to-day interactions and to develop communication methods that reduce conflict and encourage understanding.

I would recommend Debs, Success Factor. Having an independent voice to bounce ideas off is important. I feel at times we are driven by the heart in business and that approach clouds judgement and decision making. My age and experience have provided me with plenty of examples of good leadership and bad leadership, mentoring has provided a framework to apply the good traits and tools to develop my leadership style.

A mentor is like a coach of a professional sports team or athlete, you have one because you want to get better at your sport or game. Business is like that as well, your coach helps develop your game plan, strategies, and helps to identify aspects of your performance that need improvement so you can be the best version of yourself at any given moment.

Robyn & Graeme Paget – Challenge, Oxford

My overall assessment of the Success Factor Business Coaching & Mentoring Programme was that it gave me the techniques and guidance along with reassurance.

The key points I took away was the importance of communication have good systems.

The most useful strategy I gained were the useful tips on staffing issues.

What I liked the most was Debs’ honesty and knowledge and receiving support.

I would wholeheartedly recommend Debs at Success Factor – we can all get stuck in a rut and the programme gives you encouragement and strategies.

Michal McCracken – Petschool Academy

I gave 10 out of 10 to Debs for the Success Factor Business Coaching & Mentoring 12-Session Programme. I would definitely recommend Debs at Success Factor to help you grow your business.
My overall assessment of the business coaching & mentoring programme was that I was so glad I did it!
The key points I took away having completed the business coaching & mentoring programme that you will use in the future was having a coach who has a different perspective to discuss things with and brainstorm with is the best way to build a business. Also, I liked learning that people don’t buy what I do but why I do it.
What I found to be the most interesting as a useful strategy, was doing the competitor analysis because I’ve always done my own thing and not looked around as didn’t want to be influenced or intimidated by what others are doing. If I feel less than, I panic and fall into my old habit of wanting to be further ahead than I am. I found this exercise really helpful because I learned we are all different and it doesn’t matter what others are doing. It also helped me realize that I really don’t want a massive business that’s purely dog training. I also enjoyed doing the personal values and having space between coaching sessions to reflect and revise and try new things.
What I liked the most about how the business coaching & mentoring programme was delivered was the flexible sessions, spread out so I had time to reflect. Loved meeting via Zoom as this saves heaps of time.
The business coaching & mentoring coaching programme make a difference to me in my business as it sped up the process. I was very stuck when I reached out to you and now, I have a business that I understand and can work on building. I was stuck and confused and frustrated before and now I feel good about where I’m at and curious to see what happens next.
Working with Debs gave me so much clarity.
When I engaged her as a coach I was a bit frustrated and confused by my business www.petschool.academy
Through multiple sessions (with time in between to reflect and revise) I figured out what I want and have a plan in place to get me there.
It was awesome having someone in my corner, who wanted the best for me cheering me on.

Debbie Albrecht – So You! Boutique

Debs is friendly, understanding and very approachable. I’d highly recommend her as a business coach to everbody. Love the homework she gave me!

What I felt about the Success Factor Business Coaching & Mentoring Programme can be said in just one word – Awesome!

The key points I’ve taken away from it was developing my personal values and business vision, purpose, mission, and core values.

The most useful strategy was I got to know aspects of my business that required attention straight away and the ones I should let go.

What I liked the most is that the sessions were face to face, personal and professional.

Working with Debs has made a difference in giving me more time, positivity and outlook.

I would definitely recommend Debs, Success Factor if you are really wanting to have a successful business with life balance you need to work is a business coach.

Debbie – Soyouboutique.co.nz

Beyond Accounts – Sarah and Sharon

Debs has helped us at Beyond Accounts immensely. She has an amazing knack of teasing out ideas that you never knew you had!

Debs has helped us to think outside the box. We have new tools for managing our business.

The key points we will take away are the development and completion of our vision, purpose, mission and core values.

The most interesting and useful strategy was coming up with ideas and teasing out information and combining it.

We liked that the programme was fluid and not completely structured so if we had ideas or questions, we could work on them.

The business coaching & mentoring programme has helped us to grow in confidence to build and manage our business.

We would thoroughly recommend Debs as she can always help you to grow and improve regardless of what stage your business is at.

We would highly recommend Success Factor for business owners that are wanting to strengthen and grow their business.



RYLIB – Speech Coaching Business Programme – 2 day

Debs was a great teacher, fun, engaging and support.

I would recommend this programme to others because if you do regular public speaking the benefits would be immense.

The key thing I gained that I will use if the future was structuring a speech and trusting myself more that I know my stuff!

Debs took us out of our comfort zone and we learned how to structure a speech very easily.

Great programme and gave me the confidence to speak with minimum notes.

I would recommend this programme to help build confidence in public speaking.

The most usable success strategy was being able to reduce the use of notes and being more able to speak to an audience more confidently.

Kendons Accounting – Business Advisors – Developing a Dynamic Elevator Speech

  • I really enjoyed the structure of the seminar
  • Excellent seminar – thank you Debs!
  • I would recommend this seminar to others – Debs is great!
  • I felt the seminar was clear, understandable
  • Debs is such a great facilitator and willing to help you do better
  • The seminar made me think more clearly about communicating better
  • The key learning for me was keeping it short and listening afterwards
  • Great way to build words together for elevator speech
  • Great way to reflect on what and why and how – not just doing or saying the same thing!
  • Excellent seminar!
  • The most useable aspect was the conciseness of speech, painting a picture for people to associate with
  • I learned that having a pre-planned ideas and speech that can be changed for the audience is more effective
  • Great seminar!
  • Would definitely recommend to others
  • A great way to learn how to tell people what you do in an interesting way
  • I learned not to focus on services we do but what that means
  • Really helpful seminar for personal growth
  • I learned how to promote my business and skills without losing my audience
  • Great seminar – to the point and awesome format to develop the elevator speech
  • Learned to keep the ideas clear and concise
  • Would definitely recommend to others, as then I wouldn’t have to listen to other people’s bad elevator speeches!
  • More aware to focus on the why more than the what we offer
  • I learned to keep the elevator speech brief and focus on what potential client is thinking
  • Made me think about what we do specifically offer our clients
  • Great seminar as brings the focus back to how to talk to potential clients
  • I felt that working through the elevator speech beforehand is a great way to compare our services to others
  • Learned it’s best not to ‘wing it’ but to think a bit more about the initial speech first
  • Loved the 10 – 8 – 6 – 4 process
  • Learned that I need to be smart and to the point to keep and gain interest from others
  • Well led and had everyone interacting
  • Biggest learning was the how to express work in an interesting way

Creative Wellness & Positive Changes Seminar – Williams & McKenzie

  • Loved the introduction of the SMART goals
  • Opportunity to listen to what staff want
  • Very good seminar, and would definitely recommend to others – great way to receive honest feedback
  • Great way to hear others’ fears, issues, feelings and joys for now and the future
  • The key thing I gained was the importance of communication
  • Great opportunity to acknowledge that others’ viewpoints may be different to mine
  • Helpful to know my actions or in-actions will affect my work mates
  • I learned that communication and cooperation are key
  • I would recommend the seminar to others as it was useful to hear about my work mates’ views
  • The exercise I enjoyed the most in the seminar was the part where we all did a drawing and then talked about it
  • Excellent seminar!
  • Really enjoyed getting together as a team and being honest with each other – this was very useful
  • The key takeaway was being and feeling able to speak out, and be confident to offer ideas and solutions in the future
  • The seminar was great!
  • Debs was a great presenter
  • Good topics covered
  • The seminar was very good and has made me think about broadening my knowledge
  • The seminar provided a great opportunity to get to know my colleagues better
  • I learned that sharing things with my colleagues was easier than expected

Sonia Karaitiana

I participated in the Business Coaching & Mentoring Programme with Debs at Success Factor. Overall I felt the programme was life changing. This programme works and opens doorways of possibilities.

The key areas I will take away are belief in my self-worth. This unveiled keys to empower my way forward and led to an area of gaining a sense of pride. Seeing I can be of service to people, businesses, community, and the environment revealed direction, which is why I can now enjoy the journey.

The most interesting and useful exercise I undertook was writing the Nirvana Letter.. wow! this was powerful!! Why this was significant is simply because it gave me my WHY in Life, the values behind that WHY, and the passion to live my WHY.

This programme is invaluable and is accessible to everyone!

I particularly liked the manner of the delivery. This was welcoming, kind, constructive, efficient and professional.

The programme made a difference to me in different ways. Personally there was a shift inside my being, a gentle wake up / revelation I needed. That in turn gave me the push to get things done and I can now see my business is part of my WHY!

I would absolutely recommend this programme to anyone – the holistic approach changes lives.

It’s ALL About Time Seminar – 28 July 2021

A great start for time management

You’ll get new ideas and learn about the importance of being self-aware in your tasks

It’s a great opportunity to find and mitigate the blocks to success

Helps you get more out of time

The opportunity to be look at what I do objectively and make room for me

This seminar has something for everyone

Learned I need to structure my day, plan and keep things visual

Debs is clear and speaks in my language

Good interaction – being able to step back and review our methods

Loved the participation and learned how to identify urgent and non urgent tasks

Learned the importance of writing stuff down and making sure the right stuff is on the list at the right time

Identified urgent and non-urgent tasks

Enabled me to think of how I work ina critical yet positive manner

Would recommend to everyone – we are always learning

Learned the importance of week planner, planning generally and structure

Understood the important of planning my whole week and breaking tasks down for overall projects

Reiterated what I already knew and help me understand how to get more out of my time

Implementing a 12-week plan and goal plan

Would definitely recommend – face what blocks your efficiency

I learned how to set big then small goals to get to big goal and be clear on goals big and small

Would recommend this seminar to others – kept me accountable and Debs is very personable and non-judgemental! Very professional

Understood the importance of doing the hard stuff first when I have most energy

Andy Pender Plan and Protect

I had the pleasure of being the participant of the Success Factor Business Coaching & Mentoring Programme.

I found the programme was of high quality, informative and beautifully adaptive to the attendee’s needs.

Debs scheduling prowess, prioritising skill and mainly a heap of self-improvement techniques was pretty awesome particularly when I thought I knew it all already!!

The recommendation to read ‘Know Your Why’ by Simon Sinek and ‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Byrne was most interesting.

What I liked most was the adaptive nature of the sessions and also how it was as much about the body and mind as it was business.

The programme made a difference to me by giving my mind a rest that it’s all going to work out and techniques to stop my mind racing at 1000rpm.

I would highly recommend Debs, Success Factor to anyone in self-employment, as everyone needs a wing-man or woman.

Debs has a wide set of skills to assist in a heap of areas which for me was hugely beneficial.

Thanks Debs, you’re a gem!


Brian and Paula Wildsouth Discovery

Our overall assessment of the business coaching & mentoring programme was it was an interesting series of exercises which encouraged us to think outside the square which was very useful to help us make decisions about how to proceed with our business plan i.e. what to do and what not to do.

It enabled us to dissect and to really get a clear picture of all aspects of our business and to evaluate and compare with other similar businesses. It gave us a clear picture of our strengths, weaknesses and how we could improve.

The most interesting exercise was creating our vision, mission, purpose and core values; something which we were not totally aware of and struggled with. Introduction to the Gantt Chart was also beneficial.

We loved the way Debs summarised each session and the timely emails. Always a friendly and encouraging relationship with Debs. She guided us to explore a lot of thought-provoking areas of our business, relationships and principles.

Debs showed us ways to ‘think outside the square’ and look at issues from different angles. Her training and experience in psychology was a definite benefit for us.

Debs has shown us how to look at issues and break them down using tools that we were previously unaware of, or knew but were prompted to utilise.

We were enabled to examine every aspect of our business and to progress through developing our new website.

Debs helped us to make decisions, especially when we were working in the ‘collaboration’ we were part of. She showed us how to analyse situations and break thinks down so that it was obvious what we had to do next.

Thank you Debs.


Nicola – Coaching & Mentoring

Business Coaching and Mentoring

Thank you Debs so much for the opportunity to have you as a business mentor. I have certainly learned a lot and know the work we have completed is going to help me move my business idea into being a reality.

I am also very grateful for the guidance I received during my coaching sessions at a very challenging time in my career, the tools and strategies gave me the confidence to make empowered and impactful decisions which have resulted in a better career opportunity and an overall happier me.



A great group of five participants from Enatel attended the PRESENT seminar which enabled each participant to present their presentation and receive feedback from Debs and their peers.

This is what they had to say:

  • Excellent seminar, learned a great deal, thank you!
  • Great help with practical tips
  • Able to reduce gap fillers
  • Great to practice presenting with constructive feedback
  • Found out how best to give better eye contact
  • Interesting and helpful
  • Gained confidence in presenting to an audience
  • Learned how to better interact with the audience to increase engagement
  • Gained useful insights in my presenting ability
  • Learned how to be more animated
  • It was absolutely great receiving feedback from everyone
  • The ‘live’ coaching was great
  • The value of pace and pauses when presenting and the benefits of slowing down my speech and feeling confident to do this
  • Learning how to project my voice – I’m soft spoken
  • Great concise session with instant feedback
  • Gained practical tips and advice in a non-judgemental environment
  • Learned how to treat my presentation like a conversation
  • Gained tricks to appear more relaxed and learn how to incorporate gestures

Koller & Hassall Accountants

Participants in the Developing Your Business Purpose Seminar

Really enjoyed burrowing down on the WHY we do what we do

The key thing I learned was how the Vision, Purpose, Mission and Core Values are created

Understand why we do what we do

Great to develop clarity of our business purpose

Have a better understanding for the reason of our existence as a business

Great presentation and seminar which made what can be a painful process enjoyable

Excellent seminar – helpful in developing our business purpose

Mark and Jayne Fall – Swift Mobile Locksmith

Overall assessment of the programme – insightful.

Key Takeaways were CEO meetings, future plans, advertising plans, the way that we communicate with clients to name but a few!

The most useful strategy – the creation of a pool of resources we have created e.g. advertising plan. The creative drawings were very useful to help us understand the full picture.

Debs is a very good communicator; the programme was good timing.

The programme made a difference to use personally i.e. helped us work better together

The programme enabled us to give direction to our business

Something in the programme for every business

Mark and Jayne Fall

Swift Mobile Locksmith


Margot Korhonen – Spruce Design & Marketing

Felt the business coaching & mentoring programme was excellent, very worthwhile.

Key takeaways were time management, mindset, organisation skills, strategic thinking, productivity, planning

Most interesting and useful strategies were time management because I truly didn’t think I could do any more with the time I had available to me

What I like most was that Debs is so friendly, understanding, flexible and approachable.

The programme made a difference to my personal and professional role in every way! 😊 Money, time, energy, positivity, productivity, outlook, passion and love!

I would recommend the programme to everybody! I loved it!

Working with Debs is wonderful! She’s engaging and open-hearted. She took the time to really understand my business and my restrictions (as a single mum). I now feel so confident and happy with not only work but my whole life!

I highly recommend Debs to anyone in business or at a crossroads in life!

Thanks Debs!

Margot Korhonen

Spruce Design and Print


Zoe Barry – The Very Green Gardener

Debs has greatly improved my business in all areas- from managing staff, to interacting with clients; streamlining processes and deciding which aspects of the business require attention and which should be dropped entirely! I found her very supportive and easygoing when it came to what worked for me and my business. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough.

Effective Communication and Conflict Resolution – Ironbridge

Debs is a great facilitator, everyone was engaged and learned a lot

Debs is a great personable speaker with lots of experience, stories to illustrate points

The seminar helped me to better understand communications and the role they play in conflicts

Informative and engaging and fun!

Informative, fun, engaging and great learning opportunity!

My biggest takeaway was the ‘toolkit’ of strategies and practices for resolving conflict

Very interesting and reinforced and validated current strategies as well as learning new strategies

I learned about communication and how to deal with conflict; loved discussing it as a group; felt great to learn some new things

I would recommend the seminar to anyone – it taught me that conflict is life and attending the seminar will give anyone the opportunity to learn new skills to deal with conflict

I learned the benefits of giving apologies and whilst hard necessary in many cases to accept our part played in any conflict

The seminar would be great for anyone who works with people and learn about how we act and assume things about others

I learned the importance of listening and hearing and that there is always a solution and another option

Great seminar – really enjoyed the process and had lots of tips to take away and use in future

Great forum to learn new things and helpful to form strategies of how to implement these in a conflict situation

I learned the importance of listening before reacting

Great insight to know how to resolve issues and how to see problems from the other person’s perspective and how to compromise

Everyone needs a reminder on how to solve problems and resolve situations – great seminar!

I feel happier and more confident having the tools to face future conflicting situations

I learned that conflict isn’t always negative, and each conflict is a learning opportunity

Learned loads of new tools which I can use in my daily life at work and in our personal lives

There was something for everyone in today’s seminar!

Great information and strategies; make us think about resolving issues differently and giving us tools to equip us for future conflicts at home and work

Learned some great new strategies to use for future conflicts

The seminar really made me think about how to handle situations better in the future whether at home or work

Received great ideas on what to do in a conflict situation to help me with better outcomes in the future

I learned that communication is key to de-escalate conflict

Business Coaching & Mentoring – Melissa Gardiner

The business coaching and mentoring I received was really helpful in learning to look at my business in an effective way, that is, stepping back and seeing the business and my direction forward from a larger perspective.

The biggest thing I got from the sessions was chargeable and non-chargeable hours; determining best service; obtaining ‘real’ figures; projection and planning; budgeting; setting goals and time management as well as the creative exercises which helped me ‘see’ how my business might or could look in the future.

The creative exercises also helped me to determine direction and ability to create goals and plan figures, so visually I could see how the plan may or may not work.

If someone is feeling a bit lost in their business or not sure what they’re up to, I’d definitely recommend Debs at Success Factor, as it was so helpful in gaining clarity and a larger understanding of business.

The business coaching and mentoring I received was of tremendous value and has given me important a useful insight into my business.

Debs is friendly, professional, punctual, and definitely knows her stuff! Everything Debs shared with me was relevant and along with the ‘homework’, has enabled and encouraged me to gain a larger perspective of my business.

I have some great tools now that I can continue to work with periodically to keep myself in touch with my business and aware and in touch with where my business is heading.

Heartfelt thanks Debs!

Melissa Gardiner – Manaia Yoga & Wellbeing

MainPower New Zealand Ltd – Speech Coaching Group – May 2018

Debs was supportive and encouraging and kept everything real. I appreciated her honesty and constructive feedback

Debs is very passionate and comes across very well. Really enjoyed the programme

I improved my self-awareness of use of fillers when speaking

I can now focus on keeping communication simple and not get carried away with all the details

I learned how to do delivery presentations more effectively

I will use the tools I have learnt to improve communication at meetings and delivery presentations

Mind mapping tool enabled me to better structure my speeches as well as reducing the need to use lots of notes

It has given me more confidence to be able to talk in front of people

I learnt people often don’t see your nerves; and having the confidence to talk in front of people

I learnt how to be able to say the right things with passion confidence and eye contact

I really really like the programme and the way it was delivered. Good to get information one week ahead of each session so it was not too overwhelming

It has helped me to be more confident in my delivery and think more about the structure of my presentations

I gained was confidence in my ability to deliver a speech and how to structure my presentations

I enjoyed all of it! Received really useful information which I see as being very useful going forward

The programme was excellent. I learned a lot of new skills

The programme was delivered very well with relevant and useful advice with feedback that was supportive and positive

The programme gave me more confidence and enabled me to reduce my use of notes

I found the mind mapping process really useful as well as learning how to structure a presentation to help me think more clearly about what I want to say

Developing Your Business Purpose Seminar – Grant Catchpole

Debs is a great communicator and makes you think about where your business is and where you want it to be then how to get there. Very professional and I thoroughly recommend going to one of her seminars

Business Coaching & Mentoring Programme – Alana & Chris Delury

Debs is one of those rare people who has a diverse knowledge and helped us professionally and personally take control and direction of our business and personal lives.

I highly recommend anyone who is thinking about having Debs as a mentor.

Thank you Debs

New Zealand Organisation for Quality – Mark Coburn

Canterbury Quality Day Risk-based thinking: The Communication pathway to risk-based thinking – giving communication the quality factor for today and tomorrow Workshop

Thank you Debs for a wonderful key note presentation to our New Zealand Organisation for Quality day in Christchurch.

It was a valuable start to the day and your presentation and activities on communication brought us all together and strengthened the day with your ideas and ‘scene setting’. In the many years we have held Canterbury Quality Day this year saw far greater delegate participation and involvement than ever before.

We were so privileged to share your knowledge.

Thank you so much – we look forward to working with you again in the future.

Business Coaching & Mentoring Programme – Lorraine Taylor

I had the privilege to connect with Debs through regular coaching sessions in 2019.

As a newcomer to the Canterbury area, I felt lost as to how to connect and engage with the community in which I would become an integral part of in the months ahead both personally and professionally.

Debs’ coaching style meant I was an active part of the process. She listens intently, is process oriented and motivates to move forward. Personal coaching is a necessity in a world that is moving through change.

Debs is an excellent coach to get you to the next level.

Business Mentors NZ – Therese Banks

As a Coordinator of a mentoring programme, I can see Debs’ extensive business background apparent in her mentoring. She has made a valuable contribution as a volunteer mentor, providing a real boost to mentees working through business issues. Particular strengths lie in assisting clients with business plans.

She is able to ensure goals are manageable, identify gaps, suggest solutions and assist with defining resources needed to achieve those goals. Most importantly she ensures clients measure results, adapting as appropriate.

Clients say Debs help them change thinking regarding business, and alter systems and processes. To quote: “It has been great to have someone to talk to about the background business as we have always been so busy working in the business that we haven’t had a chance to do this before.

We have always been ‘butterfly hoppers’ and jumped around as need demanded, instead of staying on task and reviewing progress as we go. Not only has her help been valuable in improving personal and business effectiveness, but we have really enjoyed working with Debs and are so grateful she has been willing to share her expertise.”

Business Coaching & Mentoring Programme – Emily & Bruce Chapman

We have worked with Debs for the past year. We had purchased a newspaper and went straight into the production side of the business, and had not really taken the time to focus on the actual business and how to run it effectively and how to grow it. Debs helped us to look at things in a completely different way and to make our business more robust and also work in a more efficient way. We so enjoyed our time working with her and would recommend her to anyone.

Business Coaching & Mentoring Programme – Mijburgh Beukes

Debs is a very personable, professional and knowledgeable business coach. She has been instrumental in helping me establish my business, as well as making it sustainable for the long run. It has been incredibly helpful having Debs as an accountability partner to keep things moving! If your business is stuck in a rut or hasn’t taken off yet, give Debs a call to help you reach your goals!

I have been a wage earner all my adult life and essentially got into business out of necessity. The phrase ‘like a fish out of water’ comes to mind! That’s where Debs stepped in. Having someone as knowledgeable and helpful as Debs to be accountable to has helped me in building a business that is sustainable. Her personable manner and shedload of experience have been key in building a trusting relationship. Although our time together is now at an end, in the words of big Arnie, “I’ll be back!”

Framework for Planning & Goal Setting Seminar Feb / Mar 2020

Thanks Debs I feel motivated to get cracking to plan and achieve as well as see results

Great to take the time out and reflect

Get the details of how we can better reach our goals

Go with an open mind and take on all the options

Definitely attend if you struggle setting your goals

Understood the need to be mindful of working to capacity and to work ON the business!

Great interaction with others heading and learning about each others’ businesses

It was great having more clarity on how to gain and achieve my goals

Debs is a highly smart professional and a warm and engaging facilitator

Learned lots to take away and implement!

Relaxed and informal as well as practical, easy to follow and beneficial

Debs knowledge and experience was totally relatable

Great to bounce ideas off of each other

Understood better the specifics of goal setting and planning techniques

Learned the importance of planning the outcome

Debs has a very down-to-earth approach

Great food for thought and great networking opportunity

Great opportunity to refocus ourselves

Gained clarify, focus and direction – it’s so easy to lose ourselves in the day to day stuff!

Understood the need for emotional benefit to achieve my goals

North Canterbury Women in Business – It’s All About Time! Seminar – October 2019

Twelve wonderful participants from the Canterbury Women in Business Networking group provided this feedback:

Excellent seminar – great self-awareness assessment

Awesome seminar! Thank you!

Debs is a fabulous presenter who offers practical solutions to everyday challenges that we are all faced with!

Great to be involved in an open, non-threatening discussion; comfortable environment; informative, practical and clear

Great ideas and tips – gave me hope and excitement!

A fantastic way to get really clear about how you are actually using your time, what’s not working and how to implement change

Got me thinking about options to manage and reduce non-productive time

Informative way of looking at what you are doing

Learned helpful tips about planning and prioritising what’s important and how to break these down throughout the day

Got me thinking about urgent and important activities

Great to challenge existing theories about time management

I learned I actually manage time on a daily basis quite well but there are always improvements I canmake

Good mix of reflection opportunity and actions were encouraged

Made me think about taking more breaks and reviewing if they make me more productive

Got me thinking about concentration time!

Having a time management plan and aiming for ideal!

Learned to honour myself and stick to what’s important for me!

Useful to review your activities both professional and personal

Learning the importance of reviewing what I do and sticking to my plan

Waimakariri District Council Speech Coaching Business Programme – October 2019

Five amazing participants: Tori, Donna, Dan, Sophie, Natalie

Here’s what they said:
Very concise and practical
Gave me more confidence
A great natural progression on how to improve in a safe learning environment
I feel a more confident speaker
Improved my confidence
Understand how best to structure presentations
Made me more self-aware in how to deliver presentations providing tools to improve
Received great tips for preparing a presentation

Business Coaching & Mentoring Programme – Cathy Whitmore

Debs helped me look at all aspects of my business.
I got to know myself and why I procrastinate!
Made me accountable for my business decisions.
Helped me look at my health goals, something I haven’t done before.
Walked me through each step of my action plan.
Helped me with self-development and built my confidence.
Debs pushes you to know yourself and yourself better and makes you more accountable.
Thanks Debs! You are a pro and very caring!

Business Coaching & Mentoring Programme – Alana & Chris Delury

We found our coaching sessions to be a worthwhile investment for our business and personal lives.

Debs is very warm and welcoming and helped us to see our shortcomings from an objective point of view and showed us tools to help make plans and track our future progress.

We highly recommend Success Factor to anyone wanting to improve professionally or personally.

Thank you Debs!

Alana and Chris

Business Mentoring – Shirley Welsh

When I decided to start a new business, well-meaning friends, family and professional associates questioned its viability. Having Debs as a business mentor was hugely helpful. She set tasks for me to test its viability for myself. She was supportive yet challenging. It was so much more constructive engaging in this process with Debs than with people I was close to. That way, I tested my own ideas without become discouraged, defensive or dismissive. If, for no other reason than this, a business mentor like Debs can make the difference between a business venture succeeding or failing.

Speech Coaching Business Programme – Stephanie Hembury

I have just completed a Speech Coaching Business Programme with Debs which was really beneficial. It has helped me begin to overcome my fear of public speaking which is one of my key business objectives for this year.

Debs is great at making the sessions really meaningful with achievable targets for each session. I feel I know have a great toolbox of new skills to support me in achieving my goals.

Thank you very much Debs 😊

Speech Coaching Business Programme – MainPower – September 2018

Another group completes the SUCCESS FACTOR Speech Coaching Business Programme this month – MainPower
Here’s what the group had to say about the programme!

Loved the feedback sessions from participants

Nerves do not always show on the outside
Loved how the applicability of the programme was relevant to all areas of life
The programme made a noticeable difference to my overall communication skills – learning to slow down and articulate better
I became aware of habits and how to positively change them
Debs is very professional and clearly an expert in her field
Loved the practice sessions and having to give a mix of prepared and impromptu speeches
Gained confidence in a variety of situations
Easy learning environment with a step by step approach
I am now happy to stand up and do more presenting!
Loved it!
Debs provided such good tips which gave me confidence to know I can achieve anything
The Programme was open, friendly and supportive – didn’t feel intimidated in getting up to present
The Programme has given me a lot more confidence in myself and learnt that everyone feels pretty much the same fear
Learned different ways to put a speech together and find what works for me

Business Coaching & Mentoring Programme – Robyn Dolamore

Debs is a fantastic mentor and Business Coach.

She applies proven skill sets that work to turn my ideas into reality and help formulate them into business plans of various formats.

She provided real life guidance that helped me to apply to my everyday life. I found the 12 session programme of Business Coaching & Mentoring enlightening with a great amount of information provided in the sessions to get me started well before I set up my business in the future.

Waimakariri District Council – Speech Coaching Business Programme

Another 5 participants from Waimakiriri District Council have successfully completed the Success Factor Speech Coaching Business Programme.

The Programme has given me more confidence and knowledge of my weaknesses to improve my abilities.

The Programme has boosted my confidence and practical skills.

The Programme has improved my awareness of things to do and not to do when giving a speech.

The Programme has made me more confident in planning and delivering a speech, removing fillers and introducing pauses.

The Programme has shown me that I am capable of public speaking.

If you are interested in participating in the next programme please visit our website www.succesafactor.co.nz or email debs@successfactor.co.nz

Gail Dalley

I was thrilled to be able to share my time with such an experienced Life Coach.

Debs was so professional but fun at the same time.

I received weekly tasks to complete. Her excellent advice has worked well in my life which I am utilising on a daily basis.

I would strongly recommend using this business and can 100 % guarantee you will be happy from your experience – I am loving life.

Personal Life Coaching & Mentoring Programme – Nicole Wheeler

I worked with Debs over a period of two months in order to advance my career.

Debs took a holistic approach to coaching, encouraging me to make progress in my professional goals whilst making sure I didn’t neglect other important areas of my life such as family, friends and my health.

The accountability and support Debs provided really helped to accelerate my progress in reaching my goals, and challenged me to achieve more than I would have if I were accountable only to myself.

I highly recommend taking the opportunity to work with her.

Speech Coaching Business Programme – Leanne and Toni

Excellent Programme!

Learned heaps! Liked doing it weekly to keep the practice going.

It made me more relaxed about speaking in public.

The key think I learned was presentations are not scary; add stores and personal information to be more relatable.

The aspects I found most interesting was the variation of speeches; we can add so much information, vocal variety, actions, movement etc.

Leanne – Red Pencil

Excellent programme, the information was so very, very helpful!

The interaction and explanation at each session was great.

The programme made a difference to my personal and professional role by leaning how to present and do it well – it’s polished me up!

The key thing I got out of participating was to relax into it, prepare and remember that I am here to tell the audience something of substance.

The key aspects of the programme I found most interesting was breaking the presentation up e.g. introduction, topic and conclusion – having a structure!

Toni – He Waka Tapu

Alicia, Kevin, Nicola, Raymond & Shelley – Waimakariri District Council

Participated in the Speech Coaching Business Programme

Excellent programme

Great coaching

Team feedback meant we learned from others

I went from being scared to talk to the audience to becoming very relaxed and confident

Learned the tools to use for structuring a speech

Plenty of practical application

Repeated exposure over the 5 weeks helped me become less stressed about presenting

Learned that making the presentation personal, looking at people, planning the speech and linking content makes great presentations!

All tips can be applied to use

I liked the specific homework requirements and work-related speeches

I gained greater confidence in giving work presentations to colleagues, the public and councillors

I learned how to use PowerPoint well, how to use pace and pause well and how to manage nervous breathlessness

It really helped having presentations critiqued

Loved the impromptu speeches

Relaxed and comfortable sessions

I built up my confidence in public speaking

Received great tools for future speeches

Evaluations and self-evaluations were helpful

Loved the sessions being so interactive

Speech Coaching Business Programme – Comber & Comber – Ash & Maia

“An excellent programme. I liked the fact that I felt I was in a safe space to get my confidence up. I felt the programme was great as it made me realise that I know a lot more than I think, and that if I use the tips to prepare myself I have the skills to give great presentations.

What I found most useful was that the majority of the negative things are all in your head, so focus on the positive and that will shine through in your delivery.”

Maia Rewha

“I felt the speech coaching programme was excellent and made me aware that I can deliver speeches and that fear only occurs when standing up, therefore pretty much irrational! The programme was very encouraging pushing you outside of your comfort zone, but in a safe place and controlled environment.

Personally, I understand the fear but know everyone is the same, and I know that if I know what I’m talking about no-one will oppose me professionally, which has given me more confidence in talking about the business and to potential clients.

What I found most useful was the impromptu speech on the first session as I was terrified, but it actually came out more naturally than my prepared speech, and that speeches delivered more casually come across more natural.”

Ashleigh Jones

It’s All About Time Seminar – He Waka Tapu

Here’s what the team said:

I feel empowered to manage my time better!

Great seminar supporting people needing time management.

Great content of information to help build strategies to action and make good use of my time!

The biggest learning was  having an understanding of our day and how we spend our time e.g. unpacking a day and being able to see what parts are a waste of time.

This has helped me to plan my weeks, and got me thinking ahead; great tools to use, great information and great delivery!

It was well worth going to, thought-provoking with great tips to make me really think.

I learned to just go do it! Awesome techniques to go away and use.

The biggest thing I learned to plan and review my weeks in a SMART way and hold myself accountable.

The ‘It’s All About Time’ Seminar is helpful for people who struggle with time management and want to improve your time management.

The seminar helped me to assess my life and what I’m doing well and what could be improve and how to do it!

The best usable tip I gained was to set SMART goals and commit to them.

My takeaways were to review and revise and be more productive with my time in work and at home!