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Speech Coaching

Speech Coaching Business Programme

This programme is for those people who avoid public speaking and want to promote their business more confidently and professionally.

Success Factor is dedicated to helping individuals, teams and groups gain the skills and confidence needed to become a more effective and successful speaker.

Success Factor provides speech coaching to enable you to prepare and deliver effective business presentations – for beginners (basic) to advanced (polishing).

Want to improve your public speaking skills?

For those who want to improve their public speaking skills, Success Factor provides a 5-week speech coaching business programme for up to 5 people* to enable you to prepare and deliver effective business presentations, which is dedicated to helping you gain the skills and confidence needed to become a more effective and successful speaker.

*Register as a group or team or business OR register as an individual; these programmes are run regularly and you can join a group of up to 5 people from various businesses.

Is this you?

  • Not taking the opportunity to present when offered
  • Lacking confidence in promoting your business effectively
  • Nervousness causing ineffective presentations

Speech Coaching can help you:

  • Conquer your nervousness
  • Understand how to structure your presentation
  • Prepare and deliver your presentation including giving an elevator speech
  • Prepare and deliver off-the-cuff / impromptu speeches
  • Add impact to your presentations
  • Improve your communication skills
  • Give presentations more confidently
  • Make your business presentations have more impact

Speech Coaching Business Programme benefits:

  • Gain skills and increased self-confidence in giving presentations
  • Learn how to best promote your business through presentations
  • Become a more effective and successful speaker
  • Prepare and deliver effective business presentations
  • Learn and improve the use of visual aids
  • Understand how to prepare, deliver and structure your business presentation
  • Give your business presentations more impact

The programme is available for groups of five or individual one-on-one which includes:

GROUP OF FIVE: 5 x 3-hour weekly sessions = FIFTEEN HOURS of practical and informational sessions

INDIVIDUAL 1-1: 5 x 1-hour sessions (varied frequency to suit) = FIVE HOURS of practical informational sessions

  • Comprehensive feedback with practical advice on areas for improvement
  • Helpful tips and tools to perfect presentations
  • Provides skills and confidence to become a more effective and successful speaker
  • Gain skills and confidence in giving presentations
  • Advice on how to give your business presentations more impact
  • PLUS regular weekly email and unlimited on-call support

The programme covers 4 key areas:

  • Structure – create powerful presentations that deliver results
  • Purpose – deliver a ‘call to action’ with a clear message
  • Context – give concise, impactful and dynamic presentations
  • Delivery – learn techniques on organising your ideas concisely

Success Factor Approach:

  • Individually tailored
  • Individual or group sessions
  • Focuses on individual’s needs
  • Leads to real results
  • Provides personal and professional growth


My dislike of public speaking meant I found the sessions challenging, and was definitely out of my comfort zone 😊, I signed up to improve my skills and find ways to better deal with my nerves during a speech situation. Being with others who struggled with this helped too helped, as we started on the same page. Debs was supportive, encouraging and gave us feedback in a respectful manner. I became more self-aware of what I was doing or not doing. I learnt how to better structure a presentation / speech and what was important… preparation, practice, practice, practice and to be myself. Completing 5 sessions hasn’t made me an expert, but I have learnt a lot and it is up to me to continue building on that.

While I found it challenging at the start, what I learnt each week helped me to get better and build confidence.

Debs was supportive and encouraging and kept everything real. I appreciated her honesty and feedback.

I improved my self-awareness of use of fillers (ahs / ums) when speaking. I will focus on keeping communication simple and not getting carried away with all the details.

The key thing I got from participating was how to give presentations effectively. I will use the tools I have learnt to improve communication delivery at meetings etc.

I found the mind mapping tool the most useful and interesting as it enabled me to better structure my speeches as well as reducing the need to use lots of notes.

I can truly recommend Debs, she was professional, fun to work with and made me feel totally comfortable. Thank you, Debs, you have given me the tools I needed to deliver presentations with more confidence.

Excellent – nice organised structure with practical examples giving me much more self-awareness in public speaking and submissions. It helped me keep to time and keep my presentation relevant as well as presenting concise speeches.

I now understand how to structure a speech, mind-mapping to get key points across. The programme was very beneficial and look forward to putting it into practice.

Excellent programme. Well-structured and with a good level of preparation in between sessions. The feedback was very valuable as were the tips and size of the group was just about right.

Provided practice in a great environment. Key points to take away are all the areas I need to be aware of when speaking and where I can improve and build on. I found the prepared and impromptu speeches and feedback useful. It was an extremely valuable programme for me and something I had been meaning to do.

Great programme! The key areas I liked were practicing areas in need of improvement. I liked the ability to discuss in a group.

Very effective with good constructive feedback. I liked the way it was broken up over several weeks ensured time to reflect and improve between each session.

The programme has made me a lot more aware of some of the issues with the way I present and how to address these.

The programme has given me confidence that I can develop into a good speaker while previously I had just accepted that I wasn’t a natural speaker so did not try to improve.

It was interesting to see others develop as well to help see other people’s strengths and take note of what is effective.

Very useful programme run in a friendly way which made everything relaxed. The feedback was good, even feedback from other people usual had something I could use. I will be able to present my presentations to groups more confidently.

My best takeaways from the programme were to use relaxed body language and the use of pauses. I found the tips for all different parts of speech making the most interesting.

My overall assessment of the programme was it was very beneficial. I learnt how to use PowerPoint, mind maps and notes, it was good getting honest feedback.

The feedback was constructive and positive with lots of tit-bits and personal stories – the coach was very knowledgeable.

Having 5 weeks gave me time to build up practice. I felt the programme provided me with what I needed.

The programme has made a difference to me – I have a lot more confidence in speaking in front of people personal and business. I’m able to put a presentation together now and know what I am talking about and why.

The key points I learned was how to put together a presentation, start, finish and content, and how to mind map effectively, and to make your presentation personal in some way.

I feel more confident to speak in front of an audience and much more in control over how I present.

I really enjoyed the programme. I liked the informal surroundings and the structure in which it was delivered.

The programme made a difference in my confidence in networking situations and presenting myself to clients.

The key points I will take away from the programme are use of pauses, slowing down, enjoying it and feeling more confident.

The areas I found most interesting and useful were the top tips because it can and made all the difference in making a great speech, being heard, and people wanting more information. Really enjoyed the programme, thank you.

I really loved the how to prepare a speech particularly the mind mapping and how to structure a speech with how to set the scene and how to recap at the end.

Very good programme practical and hands on, great examples of just doing it. It gave me a great insight into presentation style, preparation and practice and how to structure my presentation with a beginning, middle and end.

Excellent programme which helped me improve skills in all areas from preparation to delivery. I liked the prepared and impromptu speeches as it provided a good contrast.

The programme helped me to streamline preparation time, mind mapping was very useful a new skill for me. A real-time saver. Helped me with a more structured approach.

Mind mapping structure was the best bit, this will help me massively with speech preparation. It was great to learn about other attendees and their job roles and interest via presentations. Very good programme, giving new ideas on how to structure a speech

Excellent programme. I thought the speech coach had outstanding people skills, delivered the programme in a practical no nonsense way but still maintaining empathy and being highly responsive to where the group members were at.

I was asked to give a presentation to a national conference directly after the programme. Prior the programme I would have said no. The programme assisted me to have more confidence presenting, how to prepare and structure the speech so it was fit for purpose, stick to the time allowed, and engage with the audience.

The key thing I learned was I can do it!!! I found the information about structuring a speech, use of mind mapping techniques etc invaluable and think it will save me a lot of time with other things as well for e.g. sorting ideas when starting to prepare a speech. Also determining the key message.

I think it was a very comprehensive programme. I found learning from watching and critiquing other participants extremely valuable.

I loved having the comparison of other speakers and how they structure their speech compared to mine. I really enjoyed the programme. Thanks Debs it’s been great!

Excellent programme. Very personable approach. I felt totally comfortable showing my fears and addressing them.

If feel much more aware of what I need to do to eliminate nerves and fear.

The key points I learned from participating in the programme were self-awareness of little habits which detract from a presentation. It was useful to have such an intimate group – more chance to learn.

Very good programme. I liked the way the speech preparations are structured and also the format including the feedback sessions. I now have a more or better understanding on how to speak in public and what to avoid.

I now feel much more confident in speaking in front of an audience. Debs is a very good coach. She has given us appropriate feedback so we can do better.

The aspects I found most interesting and useful were the structure of a speech and to know how to prepare and structure a speech in terms of opening, body and closing.

Excellent programme. I loved it!! The weekly critique was excellent with positive and constructive feedback which was very helpful.

The programme will make a difference to me – improvement in management nerves, I had to MC a fashion show and noticed a real improvement – fantastic! 100% attributed to Success Factor coaching us!

Key thing I got out of participating is confidence, improvement in managing nerves and speaking without notes, structure mind maps all of which were excellent.

Excellent programme. Only 5 weeks so short and sharp but the confidence I was able to build through the process of the programme was absolutely brilliant!

I loved the relevant feedback week to week which helped us progress – positive feedback was very helpful.

The programme has completely lifted my fear of public speaking, I’m a lot more confident in myself when presenting.

The key thing I got from the programme was structuring my speech and how body language emphasises what I’m presenting.

The aspects I found most useful were mind mapping. Impromptu speeches are still a challenge but mind mapping takes a lot of the work out of preparing a speech.

Excellent programme – mind mapping made a huge difference to me and has changed the way I prepare speeches now!

I liked the way it was delivered because it was a very relaxed environment; loved the impromptu speeches as they really get you thinking outside the box.

I learned that public speaking isn’t natural to anyone and that everyone needs to be coached or trained.

I liked the coaching techniques, clear and concise way of delivering in a learn by doing environment. Very enjoyable way of learning.

The programme has made me more confident and given me a more structured way of presenting.

What I found most interesting was talking to others seeing they were feeling the same emotions about getting up to speak.

I felt the programme has given me so much more confidence not only in a speaking role but also with client communication.

The key thing I got from the programme was not turning down any speaking opportunity or request and feeling more confident about speaking in the future.

Great speech coaching programme and huge value add.

The programme made a difference to me in that I have gained more confidence in presenting, knowing I need to practice more and structure my presentations.

The key thing I learned was take every opportunity to ‘get up there’!

Speech coaching made a difference to me professional and has made me more aware when speaking in general to people i.e. no ahs and ums

I now know to practice, practice, practice. I feel that I would confidently be able to give a presentation to my organisation

Excellent programme thank you! I would recommend this programme to others

Excellent programme – I liked the structure and the tasks ‘homework’ that was given, which helped reinforce what we learned

I’ve become more confident, I don’t get the anxiety that comes on when I need to speak. I feel more relaxed talking about myself and skill set