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Do you want to start a business? Have you thought things through?
These collection of videos will help orientate you towards starting your own business!


Introduction to Success Factor

We offer a holistic service, working with you, in and on a personal level as well as a professional level. We help you to get your business idea off the ground. This includes helping you to manage your worklife balance, streamline business operations and more, to get you to where you would like to be.

The good things about owning a business

What are the good things about owning a business?

Owning your own business can be extremely rewarding.

Become your own boss, materialise your dream’s, take control of your finances, see your clients happy, work on your passions, fulfil your emotional needs and last but not least, enjoy the fruits of your labour.

Starting a business

Things to consider when starting a business

How will it fit with your lifestyle?
How does your business fit within the market?
What is your businesses point of difference?

You need to do your research to see how your business can work in the market and how it works within your lifestyle.

Goal setting

Setting goals

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail!

Do you know where your business is going?
How long will it take to reach your goals?
Is your business on track?


Method for goal setting

Start with your vision!

Being creative to visualise where you want to be is exciting and inspirational and provides you with a plan that works!

Feeling overwhelmed

Listen to yourself?

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, it’s a good time to reach out for help and how to address the situation. Perhaps it was a bad day or week but if you are consistently feeling overwhelmed, it’s a good time to take a look at what you are doing.

If you keep pushing through when things are not right you might be setting yourself up for failure.

Pressure points

Identifying your pressure points allows you to readjust.

Be mindful of not living with stress thinking tomorrow will be different if you don’t do something about it.

Seeking help and support to provide clarity, focus and direction is a much-needed resource that we all need.

What don't you enjoy?

What do you not enjoy in your business?

Is it something you could outsource and can you afford it?

There are always things we don’t like doing in our business, however, avoidance isn’t the answer.

Life balance

What is your lifestyle?

When do you work best?

When are you at your worst?

We need to find out how we work best to get the most out of each day to give us balance in our work and personal life.

It is fixable and doable – with support.