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Michal McCracken – Petschool Academy

I gave 10 out of 10 to Debs for the Success Factor Business Coaching & Mentoring 12-Session Programme. I would definitely recommend Debs at Success Factor to help you grow your business.
My overall assessment of the business coaching & mentoring programme was that I was so glad I did it!
The key points I took away having completed the business coaching & mentoring programme that you will use in the future was having a coach who has a different perspective to discuss things with and brainstorm with is the best way to build a business. Also, I liked learning that people don’t buy what I do but why I do it.
What I found to be the most interesting as a useful strategy, was doing the competitor analysis because I’ve always done my own thing and not looked around as didn’t want to be influenced or intimidated by what others are doing. If I feel less than, I panic and fall into my old habit of wanting to be further ahead than I am. I found this exercise really helpful because I learned we are all different and it doesn’t matter what others are doing. It also helped me realize that I really don’t want a massive business that’s purely dog training. I also enjoyed doing the personal values and having space between coaching sessions to reflect and revise and try new things.
What I liked the most about how the business coaching & mentoring programme was delivered was the flexible sessions, spread out so I had time to reflect. Loved meeting via Zoom as this saves heaps of time.
The business coaching & mentoring coaching programme make a difference to me in my business as it sped up the process. I was very stuck when I reached out to you and now, I have a business that I understand and can work on building. I was stuck and confused and frustrated before and now I feel good about where I’m at and curious to see what happens next.
Working with Debs gave me so much clarity.
When I engaged her as a coach I was a bit frustrated and confused by my business
Through multiple sessions (with time in between to reflect and revise) I figured out what I want and have a plan in place to get me there.
It was awesome having someone in my corner, who wanted the best for me cheering me on.