Communication isn’t all about talking

It’s interesting isn’t it that we all talk to each other, at work and at home, with family, work colleagues and friends, and yet we can all misunderstand one another, misinterpret what the other person has said, and relationships as a result can go pear-shaped! There are so many ways we can communicate, face to face, phone, video or texting. Face to face is always best but we can’t always do this and so when we resort to phone, video or texting, things can be misinterpreted more easily. The other thing that we need to take into consideration is our own preferences. For some face to face is always best, others either love or hate using the phone. We often therefore avoid a particular form of communication because of this, and this can start to cause an added barrier in our own communication and our communication with others. So how

Have a Dream – Start with a HUG!

A HUG is a Huge Unbelievable Goal. I am sure you’ve all heard of big hairy audacious goals or B-HAG? These are usually defined as a something a business or organisation might ultimately strive for. Something that’s clear and compelling that the whole team can get behind and work towards. They are designed to change how we do business, achieving the impossible, taking us out of our comfort zone, having a long-term commitment. However, recently I came across something I liked even better! A HUG! A huge unbelievable goal! Doesn’t this sound much better?Isn’t this something we can all relate to?Might this be something we can more easily remember and aspire to? If we wanted to break down what a HUG really is, we would need to do the following: Determine what it is you really want – This can be quite hard for some, and very hard for others.

Things to do BEFORE setting our goals

We are either a goal-setting person or we aren’t. We might write them down and forget them or not even write them down. We may be in the minority and fastidiously follow our goals and actions to the letter. To give ourselves a better chance of achieving our goals there are things we can do. Before you set goals this year, consider the following: Begin with revising your current goals – Rather than starting afresh, it’s better to keep our previous or current goals to identify why you didn’t achieve, were they clear enough, were they measurable and achievable; revising or refreshing them is often a good place to start. Link your goals to a greater goal or purpose – If we focus on what the big picture is, what our main aim, vision or goal is before writing or revising our goals we can at least picture what it

How can we do better?

I am sure you like me had school report cards that often read: “could do better”? There’s a quote by Maya Angelou that says: “Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.” What I like about this quote against the school report cards is that the first one always feels like we’ve let ourselves down and everyone else, whereas the quote indicates our path in life is growth and we do this in our own time and in our own way.. Compare that quote with this one also from Maya Angelou which reads: “I did then what I knew how to do. Now that I know better, I do better.” For me, this quote says what we did then is ‘good enough’ and now we have a better understanding of ourselves and what we can and need to do we can try

Worrying about tomorrows

I heard this saying recently: “Worry never robs tomorrow of its sorrow it only saps today of its joy” This is so true on many levels, isn’t it? We worry about things that may never happen, which can often ruin our day – and yet we can’t turn the ‘worry wart’ off can we? Worry is usually a concern that something bad or untoward is going to happen or may happen which we fret about continually inhibiting us, invading our thoughts, affecting our emotions and often also affect us physically too. Our worries usually stem from a setback or a problem or issue that’s occurred and which wasn’t planned for. It’s said: “The comeback is always stronger than the setback”. Something that’s good to remember and have as a mantra to help us put things into context. Sir Tom Moore said: “Tomorrow will be a good day; remember tomorrow will