Are You Taking that Leap Forward?

When we think about taking a leap forward, we may initially think of a reactionary jump rather than a planned leap. When we do make that leap, we need to be mindful what we might land onto or into! You will be aware of the phrase ‘out of the frying pan into the fire’ which is used to describe the situation of moving or getting from a bad or difficult situation to a worse one, with this often being the result of trying to escape or flee from a bad or difficult situation. Of course we want to avoid this, instead taking planned leaps into or onto something better or more positive. Whether we are talking personally or professionally, work or business we can apply the same methods. Look at L-E-A-P below and see how you can use these steps to progress in a planned way to move forward and

Challenge Yourself – You Can Do Anything!

How much do you challenge yourself?Why do you challenge yourself?Do you challenge yourself for the right reasons?Do you benefit from challenging yourself? What if we paused, pondered and reflected? What would that do and how might it help? What if we prepared, planned and regenerated? Imagine what difference that would make? What if we told ourselves to never give up, never be scared and to be strong! I’m sure we would be more confident, motivated and productive! Challenging ourselves needs to be done in a positive constructive way Where we are kind to ourselves and not harsh Or setting unrealistic goals or too many tasks We may be working hard or hardly working, having a feast or a famine, and constantly trying to better ourselves. Remember trying is just as important as succeeding, effort just as important as achievement – becoming is much better than being! Take these SIX steps

Prevention is better than cure – how much do you prevent?

It’s interesting when clients, colleagues or friends say they wish they had engaged a business coach & mentor earlier or sought help and support from a source they identified when they needed it, they would have saved themselves a great deal of time and possibly money. We know the saying, ‘prevention is better than cure’ but how much do we practice this? Boiling this down, the question really is how proactive or reactive are you? How much do you plan for the unexpected? Have you identified potential issues, blocks, risks, challenges and created a plan of action? And of course if not, why not? There are a lot of reasons why we don’t do what we know we should do when we need to do them, instead of procrastinating or avoiding them until we end up in dire situations or reap the consequences of putting something off that was urgent

Would you want to be a like a Willow Tree?

As you may already know I get my inspiration from many sources and this week it came from a poem I saw in a shop which talked about the traits of a willow tree. From this I thought I would use the Willow Tree as a metaphor and see how we may use some of our existing skills or adopt some skills we didn’t previously have to become more like a Willow Tree. The Willow Tree is felt to be the rebel of the tree world in that it is anything but conventional; and zigs when other trees zag, its roots are intriguing and daring in that they seem to find their way past or through every obstacle that may be in their way. They have the flexibility to bend when other trees break even in the fiercest storms, taking these challenges in its stride. It constantly reinvents itself, continually