Opening the Day to a Good Day and Preparing Ourselves for a Bad One

Have you ever had one of those days that start off bad and you just ‘know’ the rest of the day is going to go downhill from then on? You might also have heard of the statement that ‘bad things come in threes’, fully expecting another two things to come along after the first bad thing, resulting in a self-fulfilling prophecy! There’s also another saying about ‘opening the door to a good day and preparing yourself for a bad one’. Now this one resonates as it has a helpful element and one which we can extract personal and professional benefits from thus emphasising the importance of adopting a balanced and proactive approach to life's ups and downs. On a personal level, this statement encourages a mindset of resilience and mindfulness. Opening the door to a good day entails starting each day with a positive and optimistic outlook. This mental disposition