Focusing on the Solution not the Problem

As Winston Churchill was quoted as saying “Bring me the solution not the problem” is a great reminder to only focus on what we want rather than what we don’t want. This year we are and have been in the midst of the worst situation globally in our lifetime, and this can knock us off kilter causing us to spiral into negativity which can only take us down a path of self-destruction. However, it’s easy to say, snap out of things, and focus on the positive or the solution not the problem, but if only it were that simple. We know and understand that by having a positive attitude and concentrating on abundance can help us switch us from a more positive to negative mindset, but how can we do that when we’re surrounded by negativity, continued uncertainty with no end in sight. Here are some tips to help you

How Supple is your Thinking?

Suppleness of mind enables you to have ‘double focus’ to focus on the big picture and detail at the same time. Concurrent views enable all facets to be included which can give us a huge advantage in achieving our personal or professional goals or aspirations. Below are 9 ‘C’ ways to encourage your thinking to be more supple: Core values Confirm continuity Compete Change the game Connect and collaborate Communication counts Costs and credit Create conviction Care for yourself and care for others Core Values - Being clear what our personal values are enables us to also determine what our business core values are; working on both of these together will help us personally which in turn will help us stand out more in our business Confirm continuity – Considering what marketing or promotion we want to do for our business is important, however, the key thing is consistency; if

5 Ways of Attracting Positivity

Occasionally we may feel that we are fire-fighting, never getting out of the ‘bit’, always working IN the business on admin and operational aspects, never having the time to consider the longer-term goals and be creative considering our vision and direction for our life or business. Sometimes it’s about mindset in that we focus on the problems rather than the solutions. Being solution-focused creates positivity and productivity and considering the opportunities rather than the threats, focusing on ourselves and what we can do to change rather than comparing with others and feeling we ‘should be doing better’. Being positive to attract what you want rather than what you don’t want means you will weather any storm, feel less fearful and create action to create your dream and fulfil your vision. If you can visualise on what you want, take action to achieve your goals you will find that you are

Does Fear Stop you from Achieving your Dreams?

Wouldn’t it just be perfect if we could make our dreams come true? If when we woke up in the morning having had the most wonderful dream that we’d done the most amazing things, we couldn’t just put all those wonderful plans in place and make things happen! Unfortunately, it doesn’t work like that does it? We wake up to reality and realise that there are things that will probably hinder or prevent us from achieving our dreams i.e. it’s the wrong time, the wrong place etc. We know we only have one life, and whilst it’s sensible to be cautious, if we don’t take chances and aim for the stars, we may end up doing nothing and of course feeling a failure. It’s interesting that if we speak of our plans and dreams, people might say that sounds awesome and it’s a great idea and we should do it.