Are you GROWing as much as you’d like?

GOAL REALITY OPTIONS WAY FORWARD There are some of us who find it real easy to set goals, write them down, keep them front of mind and achieve them. For others, this is not so easy, with goals being in their head, forgotten and not achieved. And a few who never set goals because they know they won’t achieve, so why bother. Whichever category you are in, you may consider instead focusing on GROWing rather than goals specifically. To grow we do need a goal, but before we determine our goal we need to clarify what we want and what that will give us. What’s exciting about it and really important to us. It’s about imagining us having achieved or succeeded, and really getting into the feeling of being there at the ‘end’. Create the picture, image or vision in your head. Once we do this we engage our emotions

Burnout Doesn’t Just Happen – It’s a Process!

For those who have experienced burnout at some point in their lives or career, this won’t be too unfamiliar to you. For those who haven’t, you may find that understanding how burnout comes about and identifying the symptoms and behaviours might be helpful not only for yourself but for your friends, colleagues or maybe family who may be heading towards this without realising it. Burnout, despite what some may think, doesn’t just happen – it’s a process! Often once burnout has hit, and we’ve recovered we can look back and realise there were signs, symptoms, people noticed and said something, others were telling us to slow down or stop doing too much, but the power of hindsight, eh? There are various schools of thought about the stages, how many, how long they might last, and whether people experience all the symptoms or not. Either way, having a better understanding and

The Difference Between Stress and Passion

Simon Sinek says: “Working hard for something we don’t care about is called stress; working hard for something we love is called passion.” We talk about good stress and bad stress, but what’s the difference and how do we know which is which? It’s believed that good stress is a ‘short-term’ thing, which inspires and motivates you, focuses your energy and enhances performance; whereas bad stress, is the type that wears you out, leaves you nervous and can harm your health. Bad stress, or distress, can then lead to anxiety, confusion, poor concentration and decreased performance. We usually feel passion when it’s something we’re interested in. For example, we can have a passion for a sport, hobby, or an activity. When we feel passion towards our job, work, business or occupation, this is usually because we have a positive emotion towards it. If we have a purpose, and that purpose

Why Throwing Out the ‘Old Bananas’ is Imperative to Your Success

You've likely walked past your kitchen bench and seen near-rotten bananas and thought to yourself, oh, I'll make a smoothie tomorrow with those. Then the next day you see the same bananas and think, guess it's time to make banana bread! On the third day, the bananas are collecting flies, and there's not a smoothie or banana bread in sight. We do the same thing in our businesses, often without even noticing. We set unachievable goals, with high expectations of ourselves, setting ourselves up to fail, instead of SMART goals that relate to our personal and professional goals. We write To-Do lists galore, never working through them, always putting them off to the next day; the list just grows and grows making us feel more and more overwhelmed. We have loads of ideas that pop into our heads at all sorts of the day and night, that constantly sit at