Transmission & Reception

We all lead busy lives trying to pack everything into each day, it isn’t wonder that sometimes we fail to communicate with others the best way we can. Often this is because we didn’t hear or receive the information the way it was intended, or we didn’t impart the information as we intended to do. This can cause misunderstandings and friction within teams, between colleagues and even affect relationships with families and friends. It’s all about the send and receive, or transmission and reception. As we rely on so many means of communication nowadays, we have choices and often we make a choice on what means of communication is best only because of ease and speed rather than quality and value. In our busy days, if we took time out to determine how, when, where and what way to communicate with others, we could avoid a lot of grief and

Slow down you’re doing too fast!

Slow down you’re going too fast! We all lead such busy lives and often the feeling we get when we’re busy isn’t just being tired or worn out, more of a feeling of being overwhelmed by just far too much to do and not enough time to do it in. All these feelings are everything we don’t want to feel when we want to enjoy the journey and not just the destination. Whichever path we’re taking we know there are challenges, obstacles and barriers along the way, but we hope they are manageable and achievable. But when we have so much to do, not enough time to do it in. When we have other commitments and priorities, whether it be children or other personal commitments, we still want to enjoy what we’re doing and not feel that our job or business is something to be rushed or squeezed in amongst

Is what you’re doing right now going to lead to a sale or a new client?

As a business owner we need to be mindful of making each day count to ensure that what we are doing or about to do will ultimately generate a new client, sale or income. But how can we ensure this happens and how can we avoid being pulled into the general hum-drum operational cum administrative roles and jobs we still have to do to ensure our business ticks along in the background, particularly when as a single-person-enterprise we don’t have anyone to delegate to and / or we can’t afford to out-source those jobs we aren’t so good at or don’t want to do. It isn’t easy as ultimately we’re juggling many balls in the air constantly and this can be soul-destroying and boring as well as hugely de-motivating and time-consuming. To ensure that everything we are doing is going to lead to a sale or a new client we