Putting a Stake in the Ground Creates Action

Procrastination as we know is the avoidance of doing a task that needs to be accomplished by a certain deadline. This may be ‘just what we do’ i.e. this is our normal in that we habitually delay starting or finishing a task despite knowing this may have negative consequences. Often these tasks or actions are those which we don’t want to do, or don’t like to do, and so we avoid them, sometimes not even starting them, or we start and don’t finish. This doesn’t create action. This can make us feel we’ve failed or not achieved. This can be de-motivating. This also means we won’t achieve our goals or make us feel good. We certainly won’t feel productive. So how can we avoid the above and kick the procrastination out the door? The key, as I see it is, we need to put a stake in the ground, metaphorically

Are you the BOSS or do you have the B.O.S.S.?

We have this ideal and idea that when we set up, own and run our own business we are our own boss, don’t need to answer to anyone other than ourselves. We can be flexible when we work, what we do, how we do it. We aren’t accountable to anyone! How fantastic is that? But, is it? Fantastic that is? Reality tells us that whilst all the above is true, we can often lack setting directions, key performance indicators for us to measure our progress. We often drift to those pieces of work we like and let those dreaded distractions pull us away from what we need to do to drive our business forward. Often, we need some help to achieve this: Business Owners Support Solutions to give you the Success Factor When you’re running a business, it can be hard to manage your work / life balance in the

It’s All About Shifting Mindsets!

Whether we like it or not we can get stuck in a certain mindset which isn’t helpful for us as an individual or in our business. How do we get ‘stuck’ and how do we get ‘unstuck’? It’s going to be different if we are talking about ourselves personally or in business or work or whether we are talking about our business or organisation. For us individually: Firstly, we need to be aware that what our mindset is before being able to change it and want to change it to something better than where we are. Then we need to have a plan on how we can go about this, so we do achieve it. Lastly, we need to find a way to keep us on this track and not slip back into our old ways. Steps to work through to shift mindsets: Consider and note our patterns, certain ways

Are You a Struggling Business?

There are three key reasons why businesses struggle. As a business owner it's important for us to know what these are so we can see the sign of our business starting to go in the wrong direction. Reason 1: Jack of All Trades Just because we've set up a business or running a business doesn't mean we have all the skills and attributes for everything that is required. Of course, when we're starting out, we need to do things ourselves, but at what cost?We need to seek guidance, help and support to advise us on areas we know little or nothing about, the 'don't know what you don't knows'. When we do this, we can start making informed decisions at the right time. This might require a cost in terms of investment in a business coaching for example, however, the Return on Investment (ROI) can often be immeasurable if you

Causes and Symptoms – Health of Ourselves and our Business

We all seem to be dealing with so much right now. We seem to have so much to consider and look after, our family, health, job or business, finances, goals and much more. Sometimes it can all feel just too much, and we find ourselves stressed and overwhelmed and noticing problems or mistakes happening more often, our motivation starts to dwindle, our energy levels reduce and then our sleep gets affected; it’s just a vicious cycle. Let’s look at the possible cause and symptoms of ourselves and our business. Cause – we know that the cause of something is our signal to do something, take action to rectify a problem, where we need to set time aside to do this.  Symptom – this is an indication of something that is wrong, or not right, it might start with a feeling. Whether this is a condition of yourself or your business,