It’s that time of year isn’t it?

Now is the time we need to be considering what we want to achieve personally and professionally whether in work or in business. We do need to think about what we want the end result to be i.e. where do we see ourselves by the end of 2021. We need to take into consideration what support we might need, what challenges we might face and what obstacles may get in your way. We may need to upskill, this may be reading books or signing up to a course or workshop. We might want to consider where we want to stretch ourselves, which areas are we less strong or knowledgeable in where we could minimise our lack of knowledge or reduce our weaknesses. But, where to start? It may feel like a mammoth task, feeling like there’s a whole lot of ‘work’ to be done before you can even set those

Focusing your Attention on your Intention

Are you focusing your attention on your intention?What are your intentions?Do you have any intentions?Is your attention in focus? Before we can set our intentions, we need to identify where our attention lies and check we are being attentive in the right areas to do the right things. Then we can determine what our intentions are and aim to keep them. But first we need to determine what the difference is between intention and attention. Attention usually is observing or listening on something or someone, paying close attention and taking in what we are seeing or hearing. Intention is usually a course of action taking us from where we are at present into something we picture as being our future, where we might see ourselves. An intention is our goal or aim, our purpose, something we intend or mean to do, determined not to put it off and not to

Planning a Framework for New Beginnings

We’re at the time of year where New Year’s resolutions are made and where we reflect on those made at the same time last year which were broken or unfulfilled. We repeat the same pattern with plans for our life, personal or professional goals. We aim to make things better for our business or work in the hope that these goals will keep us on track, focused on stretching ourselves to achieve success. Have we ever thought about why we don’t fulfil our ambitions or achieve our goals? Is it a good thing to repeat the cycle by doing the same thing every year with the same unfinished outcome! Isn’t that the definition of insanity? Doing the same thing hoping for a different outcome when instead we just have the same outcome each time? You might be interested instead of examining why you haven’t completing those goals in the past.