Making Your Life Beautiful

Haven't you ever thought about the things that make your life beautiful? I read something very recently that had four different things to look at. The first one was to look back, the second one, look forward, the third one look around and the fourth one to look within. When I go through these, they tell me something. It's a good thing to look back because when we do, we can look back on what we've done. Whether this was a positive experience or a negative experience, whether it helped us or not, whether it’s become baggage or whether it's taught us a really good lesson that's helped us to build strategies to help us going forward. Looking back can be a really positive thing. But it can also be a negative thing. So if we do look back, let's use our experience as a learning. We are learning every

Things to Start Doing Things in 2023

What have you got planned to start doing in 2023? Did you set goals or resolutions for the year and are they written down? Do you have any idea what goals or resolutions you want to set, or are you stuck? Are you ‘over’ setting goals or making resolutions because it’s never been successful so far? Whether it’s any of the above or not there are things we can start doing to help ourselves in 2023 or any year for that matter, but at the beginning of the year at least it can start us off on the right foot. Starting from a place of feeling grateful for what we have, where we are, job or business we have, family and friends, health etc. If we use this as a starting point of gratitude rather than starting from a place of wanting or needing more or being dissatisfied with what

Being in Control with Pride, Passion & Purpose

As we work through the beginning of the year, I thought it would be good to talk about clarifying what we can control and what we can’t. What’s the saying? “God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference.” Let’s look at what is out of our control for a minute. The past and the future – all we can be in control of is our present. What’s gone has gone and whilst we can plan for our future in the present, we can’t control the future. Actions and opinions of others – we can spend so much time trying to manage situations with others and when bad feeling, conflict, misunderstandings or upset occur, we can try so hard to control this often without success, which can affect our wellbeing. What others think of

Starting the Year off on the Right Foot!

Welcome to the beginning of a new year, 2023. How can we start the new year, 2023 on the right foot? Did you do the reflections from last week’s Wednesday Wake-Up!? To be able to start on a good note we need to know what to let go of, what to take forward and determine if and when we need to change direction, whether this is a slight change or a drastic change of course altogether. What do we need to start or stop doing? What do we need to do more of or less of? Remember we all have choices, and we should use them well and positively. Consider what those choices are and put them into practice by changing them into goals, SMART goals that will keep us on track, measure our progress, motivate and encourage us and help us when we are likely to procrastinate or go