What do you see when you look out the window?

What do you see when you look out the window? Do you see the past or the future? Do you dwell on mistakes made in the past or opportunities for the future? Do you reflect positively on what you’ve done and optimistically about the future? Do you see challenges or obstacles? You’ve no doubt heard the saying? Learn from the past Live in the moment Plan for the future How many of us spend our time dwelling on the past, the things that went wrong, the bad times, the mistakes we made and the opportunities we didn’t take advantage of? We all make mistakes and the fact is that sometimes the mistakes we make create obstacles in our minds and cause us to lose confidence in ourselves. Instead shouldn’t we learn from the past and see that the mistakes we make have taught us great lessons in life to take

Catch Your Super Hero Dreams

I’m probably not alone when I say I’m guilty of letting my self-belief falter occasionally, letting self-doubt creep in, and then in the night what happens? These huge obstacles rear up like a big black monster blocking our way, leaving us with a waking feeling of negativity and impending pessimism! Instead we should be working on positive feelings morning, noon and night to keep our motivation motor running! But somehow, the motivation motor slows down and those night-time obstacles become more real preventing us from finding our motivation pedal! Our dreams which were caught up in our dream catchers seem to have gotten up and gone in the night! Why is this? I was reminded of a song I heard on the radio the other day by M People from 1995 – ‘Search for the Hero Inside Yourself’, and particularly the chorus which goes: “You've got to search for the

If Only I Had Longer Legs!

If Only I Had Longer Legs! If only I had more money! If only I felt more positive! If only I was more successful! If only I could achieve my potential! If only I could achieve my goals! Are you guilty of being stuck in ‘if only’ conundrum? Whom do you blame? Others? Yourself? If you’re blaming others, then you’ll never overcome obstacles preventing you from accomplishing what you want. If you’re blaming yourself, perhaps you’re stuck in a rut, with diminishing self-belief, the result of which means you won’t achieve what your goals. I was reminded of this at the weekend when climbing Purple Peak. The tramp started off steeply downhill before a steady steep climb uphill! The view of Purple Peak was breath-taking, but my stamina was seeping, my faith in my ability futile. I felt like giving up, but couldn’t as I was walking with friends and

Letting Go…

let it go
Do you find that you create road blocks in your life? As humans, our behaviour forms patterns, good and bad, creating good and bad habits; it’s the bad habits we want to lose, creating new good habits. We are wired to sway towards the negative rather than the positive, looking at the problem rather than the solution, putting roadblocks in our way, worst of all not letting go of things that worry us. What are these road blocks we often create in our minds that seem so insurmountable we let them build up, making it difficult to function properly? When the going gets tough, what do we do? Our self-belief decreases, self-doubt increases, we distrust our own abilities, allowing road blocks to grow so big we are unable to function properly. The definition of roadblock is a “temporary installation set up to control or block traffic along a road”, yet

Life is SO Complicated!

Life is SO Complicated! I was reminded of the Kinks song – ‘Life is So Complicated’ whilst thinking about this month’s theme of Removing Obstacles. What do we think of when we think about obstacles other than those things or blocks that prevent or hinder us from our own personal or professional progress? Some of us may refer to obstacles as problems or difficulties that are a hindrance or barrier to getting things done, putting hurdles or obstructions in our way creating a blockage or stumbling block thus creating an obstruction preventing us achieving what we want in our personal or professional lives. How easy is it for us to remove those obstacles and stop our lives from being SO complicated? I believe we can overcome anything we want to. I recall as a child often saying, “I can’t do this”; my mum’s reply was “There is NO such word