What Values do you have for YOU and YOUR business?

Do you know what your personal values are?Do you live by your values?Are you often in conflict with your values? AND Do you have core values for your business?Are these core values in alignment with your business?Are your core values often in conflict with your personal values? The thing is if we can’t value ourselves then how can we value our business. If we go against our values when we work with or onboard a new client or customer that doesn’t align with who we are, this can upset our moral balance and our integrity. If you feel you are living ‘under’ your values then perhaps you can use some of these steps to help your bring ‘true value’ back into your personal life and your work or business. Knowing your values help you regulate and manage your decision-making to become your moral compass. Try these SIX STEPS to developing

Coping Strategies to Manage Guilt and Worry

It’s interesting isn’t it that we know we can only live in the present time, not re-write the past and yet we can weigh ourselves down with history or baggage in the form of guilt, and yet still have time to be concerned or fearful of the future letting those ‘worry warts’ take over and spoil the here and now. Someone recently described to me that guilt is a ‘past’ emotion and worry is a ‘future’ emotion, until then I’d never really thought about this specifically. Since then I’ve pondered about this quite a bit taking more notice of how the past and future can hugely interfere with our present. Guilt and worry fill our lives and are two emotions that bring us no good whatsoever and yet we give them far more importance than we should and spend too much time ‘feeding’ them both than we should. Guilt means

How to Develop Supportive Daily Habits

We all have habits, good and bad. Unfortunately, it’s the bad ones we can’t seem to shake and the good ones we can’t seem to incorporate. How might we develop supportive daily habits which will be of benefit to me and reduce stressors in our lives? Check out these SIX steps below and see how you can develop some positive actions to make you healthier, happier and more productive and efficient. Priorities – Consider what you top three priorities in your life are right now. By doing this we are teasing out those important things we perhaps have been putting off or not had time for, or because other seemingly unimportant priorities have seeped in. Often the priorities we focus on are that for others rather than ourselves, so trying to have at least one priority which is personally focused specially for usStressors – List your top three stressors. Normally

Light at the end of the Tunnel

Have you ever felt stressed and depressed?Have you ever felt you aren’t good enough?Have you ever felt there is no light at the end of the tunnel?Do you often soul search with negative impact? Whether you’re feeling this way now or have done in the past, or even if you are lucky enough never to have been in the ‘dark tunnel’ unable to see where you’re going, which way to go or even know where you are going, this may be helpful for you to identify and resonate with others who may be in this place right now. I come with personal experience and remember feeling all the above when my children were small. I watched a documentary on the television where they interviewed several people who were describing how they felt. I was utterly stunned to identify I was feeling what they all were feeling, and it had a