Focusing on Difficulties Differently

I recently came across the quote below and loved the analogy used. Using analogies are helpful as they draw us an image or a vision of how we see things or could see things. The image or picture helps us understand them more easily and they are more memorable. “An arrow can only be shot by pulling it backward. When life is dragging you back with difficulties, it means it’s going to launch you into something great. So just focus, and keep aiming” The Law of Attraction For me, this image portrays that of always seeing an opportunity where there is a challenge, seeing every setback as a chance to reconsider how we might do things differently. Mindset plays a huge part in our lives and can set us off in a positive or negative direction, it can lift us up and drop us down, sometimes both in the same

Recognition – Goals – Best Practice = Success

Here we are back at Levels Two and Three in New Zealand. Somewhere we hoped we’d never be again, but we are. For some, this is a real blow, unexpected, perhaps unprepared. For others, it’s a time to put into place what we spent time preparing for during lockdown in terms of business continuity and business disruption. Either ways, it’s tough isn’t it, and during tough times the tough need to get going as the song goes. We need to consider some steps and strategies to help us, our businesses and our teams through yet another transition period. Below are some strategies which you might consider using personally, or in your business, or for you, your business and your team, to help motivate, inspire and achieve great results. Recognition: Designed to inspire, unify and value our teams to retain top performance to gain the best results. Recognising our team members

How Do You Start Your Day?

Do you start the day with clear purpose and intentions? Would you like to create days that will benefit you and others each day? Let’s see how we can start new habits to begin creating a purposeful day. Living each day with a purpose and intention allows you to navigate your day by beginning it with awareness rather than being oblivious of what the meaning of our day could be which will enable you to avoid potential knee-jerk reactions. Instead, imagine you are driving a car, feeling in control with both hands on the wheel with a clear destination in mind. You might start with setting an intention to connect with others or fulfil a meaning into your day. Whatever you have in mind, starting your day the right way with a 5-10-minute session of relaxation with your eyes closed picturing what your day could and should look like. Try