How You Can Be More accountable

How do you demonstrate that you are accountable? There are various ways to identify and demonstrate how you are an accountable person. Let's just look through some of those steps. Know your role - If you understand your responsibilities and your role properly, then you can be accountable for them and to others. Knowing your role will help you to be more accountable to yourself and your team Be honest with yourself - Sometimes it's hard to let others know that we are struggling, or we've messed up. However, if we put pride aside and be honest with ourselves and others, then at least we can be more accountable to ourselves and our team Apologising - We will mess up, things will go wrong and if you're a responsible person, then part of that is to be accountable. Just apologise and let the people who need to know what's happened,

Are You a Great Leader?

Are you a great leader? How might you know if you are a great leader? There are a number of different attributes, signs and signals that can enable us to determine whether or not we are truly a great leader or not. Being a coach: How much we might actively be like a coach? A coach believes in empowering people, removing obstacles and helping them to be successful in what they do and who they are. Understanding our weaknesses: Being a great leader is to understand our own weaknesses, focus on our own strengths. Great leaders realise they have strengths and weaknesses, and by understanding our own weaknesses we can show others it’s okay to embrace and work on these and be a great leader. Embracing our vulnerabilities: Being able to embrace our vulnerabilities sends out a positive message as a great leader to others. We are showing them we

Do you have time to relax?

I read a quote recently which read: “The time to relax is when you don't have time for it”. Sydney J Harris which led me to putting this week’s Wednesday Wake-Up! together. I’m not sure how many times I’ve heard people say, I’ve not got time to sit around, I’m just too busy. Or others will feel that relaxing is just a waste of time, and perhaps have a degree of guilt because they feel they will be perceived as being a time-waster and not pulling their weight. For some, it’s been the ‘message’ they’ve been given since childhood about not being lazy and keeping going no matter what. We should all have time ‘out’ to relax, chill, reflect, rest, play, read, meditate or many more pastimes I could list, but do we? We usually put ourselves last, feel we are having to get things done for others and don’t want

How good a team player are you?

Whether we are in business as a single-person enterprise or running a large business; whether we are part of a team large or small we are still part of a team somewhere. Even in families, we are often a team. Teams are either functional or non-functional due to various personalities and how we manage the roles we play and the emotions that affect our behaviour. Usually the only time we are asked how good a team player we are, or what type of team player we are is at an interview. For some people they’ve already thought about the answer whereas for others they haven’t. Of course, it’s easy to just say that it depends on the day, the team, what type of mood we’re in. But we really should all be clear in what way we are a team player and determine exactly what makes a good team player,

Creative Goals

Did I really use the word creative and goals in the heading for this week’s Wednesday Wake-Up!? I did, and it was intentional. We can be great goal planners and be creative about what we set, when for, how we do it as well as being mindful of challenges along the way. I use a great template called The Great Goal Planner, which is among many templates I use for and with clients to help determine obstacles and identify or consider solutions to tackle or fix these. The more we really dig deep to ensure we aren’t just making a wish list which isn’t SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timebound). What should a great goal planner consider when setting goals? We should first start using the creative side of our brain and our thinking so we are thinking outside the square or outside the box, otherwise we won’t grow