Growing Yourself Or Your Business

As a business coach & mentor and personal life coach it’s so important to encourage, inspire, motivate and empower clients to grow personally and professionally to achieve their dreams, goals, ambitions and aspirations. Often it can be hard to exactly see how we might do this when there is fear, doubt, and negative mindset. Here are some suggestions on how you might grow yourself or your business: Self-esteem – even although this can be hard we need to recognise the things we are good at, focusing on our strengths rather than our weaknesses, develop positive relationships by surrounding ourselves with good people who want to support us. Focusing on the positive rather than the negative, be kind to ourselves and see obstacles as opportunities rather than challenges. Confidence – if our self-confidence is low, we can reflect on where this lack of confidence comes from and imagine what having confidence

Why Empathy is so Important

Often when we show empathy with someone, we only see what’s sits on the surface. We don’t see what’s underneath. We may struggle with being empathetic if we don’t feel the same way as the other person or we haven’t experienced what they have or are experiencing. We can make the right replies and say the right things thinking we are being understanding, however, we can’t and don’t know exactly how the other person is feeling and so being empathetic is often only high level. The things we see in others i.e. what’s on the outside, what they are wearing on their sleeve is their body language which we may notice is different or ‘down’. We may notice their facial expressions or their changed behaviour – communication and interaction will or may be different. Like an iceberg, this is just what’s seen, however, the things we can’t see perhaps is

Knowing Your Worth

I recently read an article referring to coaching which talked about what your coaching is really worth. The writer referred to an experiment which I thought I’d share with you (shown in italics and quotes below). I feel we could all learn from this, no matter what business you’re in, whether you are selling a product or service – either way we need to know our worth. This also applies of course to us personally too. How many of us sell ourselves short? Discount our services or even give our products away? Often, we have an assumption others may not be able to afford what we have to offer and question our or ‘its’ worth. When we reduce our prices what message does that send out to others? Certainly not one that will help us grow our businesses. After all, if we devalue ourselves or our services or products then

Developing Your Leadership Skills

My Success Factor Wednesday Wake-Ups are usually inspired by something I’ve heard about, read or come across through a conversation. This week is no different and came from Marshall Goldsmith talking about the most often work on leadership skills. This got me thinking about how we could all benefit from improving our leadership skills to help us in all walks of life, whether as a parent, coach, in work, business or with friends and colleagues. Some of the key elements of leadership are what we do naturally and perhaps even do well, however, we are all a work in progress and can always benefit from some great tips to help us continually improve. I thought listing some of these might spur you to consider what areas you might want to work on yourself or encourage others to develop. Remember as leaders we can and should develop leaders. Respect – this