How Grounded are you?

Note to Self: It is in my control to choose to focus my attention on the present. Are you? Feeling uneasy or lost?Having difficulty finishing things?Suffering from a lack of passion or pleasure for things you used to enjoy?Questioning things more than usual?Less connected to the people you are close to or love?Needing to fix yourself or things in your life? If so, these may be signs you aren’t very grounded. We can ground ourselves by trying to be calmer and have an uncluttered mind. Think of your mind as a timeline; are your thoughts more of the past, the present or the future? Sometimes thinking of the past can make us feel down or guilty. Same as ruminating over the future may cause us to feel stressed and anxious. We don’t have control over what has happened or what is going to happen – this is where grounding come

Supportive Daily Success Habits

What changes do you make to your daily habits? Did you know that small changes make a big difference? We tend to overlook the importance of how managing daily habits for the better positively affect our wellbeing and our lives. However we need to start making these changes in the first place. And it’s often the small changes to our daily routine that make all the difference, and which can make big changes in our lives, careers, jobs and personal life. Brian Tracey “Successful people are simply those with successful habits” But what are successful habits? We know that gaining bad habits is easy We know that losing bad habits is hard We know that gaining good habits is hard We know that losing good habits is easy Strange that isn’t it? However, if we at least try then we can say we tried rather than just saying we’ve always

Keeping Your Life in Balance

Brian Tracy says “Your goals must be in balance and cover the three most important areas of your life. They must be in harmony with each other”. We know our goals need to be SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timebound), however, if setting goals whether they are SMART or not were easy then everyone would be setting them and achieving them. However, we know this isn’t the case. We know that for the most part many of us set goals that are UNSMART, unrealistic, unachievable and certainly not measurable i.e. I want to get fit to run one day! If we don’t set goals that provide us with a personal and emotional benefit then we are unlikely to achieve that goal. We need to want to achieve and not feel that we must achieve it. We need to clarify who we are setting or aiming to achieve this goal

You ARE allowed to have emotions!

We all have emotions, good and bad, positive and negative, helpful and unhelpful, don’t we? The good emotions we love are: ExcitementJoyLove However, the bad, tough or tricky ones are hard for us to accept, and these are: StressWorrySadnessGuiltAnxiety We do need to accept that ALL our emotions are reasonable and legitimate and there for a reason and a normal part of us being human. But how can we accept the good and the bad equally? We could imagine and see our emotions as visitors! We could acknowledge them coming for a visit, welcoming them in, allowing them to be there, hearing what they have to say, and them seeing them off when they leave. Treating them like visitors might help you come to terms with their visits more easily and dealing with them as you would the good ones, although in a different way. All visitors come with something