Is Your Success Based on Results OR Efforts?

There is a well-known saying “Success does not lie in ‘results’ but in ‘efforts, ‘being’ the best is not so important, ‘doing’ the best is all that matters.” What’s your view? To measure success, we need to determine our current situation and our desired situation, and what value we put on the need to reach our destination. Let’s use a metaphor to describe this. I want to climb a mountain. This is going to be the highest and toughest mountain I’ve ever climbed before. Now I’ve had some experience climbing mountains and am reasonably fit (although could be fitter) and am already doubting my ability in being able to reach the summit. Let’s say, I have made every effort possible to train, by regular walking, tramping, running and building up my stamina to ensure I am able to climb this mountain. However, on the day, despite every effort to conquer

Where Are You?

Where do you see you in your life right now? Have you done everything you said you would? Did you think you would be further on than you are? Do you feel you’re going one step forwards and one step backwards? Where are YOU? There is a great quote by C S Lewis “You can’t go back to the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending”. I just love this quote because it almost gives us permission to say where we are is the GO position, the beginning, and we can think differently about where we want to be. But sometimes we are too fearful of trying new things and taking those steps into the unknown, or into areas we don’t feel so confident in. This reminds me of the other quote which I also like by John Shedd “Ships in harbour are safe, but

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

What are we most afraid of? Making the wrong decision OR not making the right decision OR not making a decision at all! Tom Robbins is quoted as saying “Stay committed to your decisions, but stay flexible in your approach” But as the saying goes “indecision becomes decision with time” – but what’s the consequences of lack of action or wrong action? Often the truth is we are afraid of making a decision that will backfire on us. To help us make a decision we need to be methodical in our approach. Here are 6 steps you might want to consider: Write down all the options you have and what the expected outcomes are likely to be – this helps you feel more comfortable with making the decision as well as helping you decide on which is the best option Focus on a positive outcome - whatever the outcome it’s

We’re Going On a Bear Hunt!

I was recently made aware of a children’s book called ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’ by Michael Rossen, and this made me think about how this relates to us in our adult lives. The children’s book is portrayed as an exciting and thrilling adventure with a success of sorts at the end, which is scary and frightening but exhilarating at the same time. This made me think that this is what we do all the time in our personal or professional lives. In the book, the challenges are getting through long grass, a big river, thick mud, deep forest, cold snowstorm and a dark cave before the bear is seen! What I particularly loved about the challenges in the book, was how they were portrayed in overcoming such ‘obstacles’. There were 3 choices to go over it, under it or through it! And of course, none of the above