Be Like a Tree

I saw a great graphic recently called ‘be like a tree’ and really loved the metaphor of how being more like a tree can help us in so many ways. Whilst we are all trying to reinvent ourselves, be better than others, we often don’t consider how we could look after ourselves and either forget, don’t have time, put ourselves last or some other reason. To be ‘like a tree’, we can learn so much without having to reinvent ourselves, just learn from nature. Below are the six areas to be like a tree which I hope you will provide you with some takeaways. The first thing it talked about was staying grounded. How important is that? Particularly at times of feeling stressed or overwhelmed we can and often are all over the place when at these times in particular, staying grounded would stand us in good stead. The second

Being Kind to Yourself

I’ve recently finished listening to a book called The Happiness Trap by Russ Harris. One of the chapters focuses on acts of self-kindness, along with kind words and actions and self-kind talk. As I always do when I read or listen to books, I takeaway some gold nuggets which I can use either personally or professionally for my business to pass onto clients. This one was a great one for me because, in my experience personally and working with so many clients over a lot of years, I hear mostly self-flagellation, being over self-critical and dwelling on the negative or what’s gone wrong or not so well rather than the opposite. Whilst pretty much we know and understand this appears to be a common default system built into us which originally was meant to be something that would protect us and make us more aware to deal with the ‘cave

What does success mean to you?

I’ve been listening to a book which talked about what success is and how we might get it. This led me to thinking more about what success really is, and that this is so different for us all. Success might be monetary, or status, fitness or career. So how do we go about achieving success when it is so hard to define, particularly when what we do determine as being successful either isn’t achievable or when we get it, that wasn’t it! I read a book ages ago about a man whose definition of success was to have $1m in the bank. He worked so hard doing every job possible to earn the money he missed out on lots of things. However, many years later he achieved his success, he had his $1m in the bank. Did he feel successful? Did he feel he had accomplished his dream and aim

Avoiding Boom or Bust

As some of you will know, last year, I had a major health event (Vestibular Neuritis) in October, which stopped me in my tracks literally. Also earlier on last year I also had a knee issue called Chondrocalcinosis which also made an impact on my ability to keep up my fitness. The reason I am sharing this is not to make this all about me, but to share the thoughts that I had when I did the Pegasus parkrun on Saturday, the first time for nearly a year. I was a late start to running and hated it, and eventually began to enjoy it by applying positive mindset and thinking about the end result and the goal. When Chondrocalcinosis was diagnosed, the only thing I wasn't able to do was high impact sports which meant no more running. Because of this, I never returned to the Pegasus parkrun even although