Which Room Are You In?

We are all on a journey, that we know, and the paths are many and varied, that we also know too! However, how we choose which paths, when to take them and how we go about choosing them is another thing altogether. Today I wanted to encourage you to look at this a different way to consider where you are on your journey and are you where you thought you would be and if not, why not. Do you have a clear plan of where you want to be, or not? Have you chosen wrongly in the past and are somewhere you didn’t want to be? Do you know how to get yourself from where you are to where you want to be? And have you got the courage, confidence and clarity to get you there? So many questions – but let’s look at this as being in rooms rather

Perception vs Reality

We know that perception is different from reality, but for some, perception IS reality. How can we determine the difference when we are seeing and feeling things so strongly? Perception is how we perceive and understand something. Reality is the real truth, the fact and the actual existence of something. Perception is how we see the world Reality is how the world is Let’s look at the difference between them both. Perception: How we see something which can vary from person to personIt is the product and outcome of what we know, our knowledge, attitude, values and beliefsIt is subjective in that it can be right or wrong, positive or negativeIt’s our choice as we see and feel it Reality: It is factual, the truth, something that exists and is tangibleIt doesn’t depend on people or is it affected by people; it is always right with no middle groundIt can’t

Do you really know what leadership is?

It’s always an interesting question to ask people when asked what they think leadership is or means, and what it means to them. Pause for a moment before reading on and write down just ONE think that you think leadership is. Then ask yourself what type of leader you would like to be and what skills or attributes do you currently have to help you in this role and write them down. I thought it would be helpful to clarify what traits a good leader has or should have and how this manifests itself to others around them. Perhaps you could go through the list and see if these were on your ONE word above or are amongst the ones you wrote down above. There are three large and key qualities a good leader has which I’ll focus on first. The first one being integrity. Being a person who is

Take Time to Pause and Think

I came across a quote recently which read “A 90 second pause is the difference between a reaction and a response”. Not sure if you’ve ever even thought of the difference between a reaction and a response in any great detail before or not, but it led me to realise there is a big difference in that a reaction might typically end in a bad outcome, where is a response is likely to have a better outcome. This led me to further think about how often we do stop or pause and think. About what we are doing, want to do, or how we might react or have reacted in the past, and whether after a 90-second pause a response providing a more favourable outcome would have occurred. Either way, taking a pause to think, consider or ponder before responding or reacting could prevent conflict, an argument, making a wrong