Scary Monsters

“When you’re little, night time is scary because there are monsters hiding right under the bed. When you get older, the monsters are different – self-doubt loneliness, regret – and though you may be older and wiser, you still find yourself scared of the dark.” Meredith Grey from Grey’s Anatomy A great metaphor to highlight those feelings we can have of depression, anxiety which diminishes our self-belief. Many things can trigger fears within us, and these fears can appear as scary monsters, feeling real, particularly when we feel disempowered or unwell. Often, we can’t pinpoint what’s wrong, we only know that something isn’t right – we want our ‘mojo’ back. There are more people than we think suffering from scary monsters. If it’s something we have experienced before, and I have, we can recognise the symptoms and hopefully seek help to help us get through the bad times. If it’s

When it all starts going wrong…

Empower Yourself
With the best will in the world sometimes it just happens! Our confidence disappears – the tears start – that wonderful positive vibe that gave us that proverbial ‘spring in our step’ just lost its spring! So, what happened? And why has this happened again? And to me? It’s not fair… Does this ‘ring any bells’ for you? Have you been there? I certainly have.. Our good intentions and self-belief just flew out of the window for fear of never being seen again! But how do we get it back? And what is IT? When all seems lost and it seems there is nothing but one problem after the other, especially when the physical symptoms start invading our bodies. We put on our ‘game face’ to enable us to do our jobs. However, we may try this for a while before things start spiralling out of control. The good days

What is the secret of self-empowerment?

The general meaning of Self-empowerment is taking control of our own life, setting goals, and making positive choices. It can also mean our ability to overcome our sense of powerlessness and lack of influence and to recognise and use our resources. Often people will say they don’t feel one of the team; instead feeling an outsider. This feeling of not being included or feeling excluded and not ‘one of the guys’ can be a debilitating experience and a lonely place to be. Feeling lonely or left out, looking at other people having things that you feel you don’t have, can make you feel you have something missing in your life, and of course this can hold you back, and give you a feeling of disempowerment. Do you need to empower yourself but can’t? Here are 7 tips which I would like to share with you to give you some ideas

The Chicken or The Egg – What Came First?

I’ve often wondered about what came first – the chicken or the egg! But I’m not talking about chickens or eggs but confidence and empowerment! Most of us can probably relate to feeling more confident as we get older, and yet in some circumstances we start to lose confidence the older we get! This made me wonder what came first, and is it different for us all. Does self-empowerment build confidence or does having confidence make us self-empowered? I feel both confidence and self-empowerment go hand in hand. If we really think about what self-empowerment means, we would realise that part of feeling self-empowered is having confidence in ourselves, having self-belief, being able to feel we can tackle those challenges. Many underestimate, undervalue or are unaware of their abilities. This can be due to some not being aware of, or not understanding or valuing their own strengths and weaknesses, and