Habits for Success!

Do you often have that feeling of ‘why’ do I do this and ‘what’ made me do that, or ‘how’ could I have reacted in that way? As a business coach and mentor probably one of the most common words I use is ‘why’! If we asked ourselves what stops us achieving, doing things we’ve dreamed off, taking ourselves outside our comfort zone, we would have to admit it’s nearly always us! We limit ourselves by telling ourselves we can’t do something, or good things never happen to us, always to others. This continued negative belief creates barriers to us even trying let alone achieving. I thought it might be helpful to share FOUR insightful questions you could ask yourselves to establish your habits for success. 1. Self-Sabotage – Do you? How often? Why? Instead, ask yourself what you could do instead to break the pattern, to create a different

Strengths and Stresses

Imagine if I asked you right now, what your three biggest stresses are. I’m sure you would find it easy to identify these. Whilst, if I asked you to tell me what your three biggest strengths are you would struggle to answer the question easily, and almost need coerced into describing these in full. Why do we do that? How does that help us? When we do this how does it make us feel? What message are we giving ourselves? When we’re feeling pressured, unproductive, perhaps overwhelmed and generally frustrated about things not going the way we want, the last thing we’re going to be able to focus on are the positives, our strengths, what we might have done well. Instead, we focus on what we didn’t do well or what’s gone wrong instead and stress about it. We know that stress is a state of mental or emotional strain

Pausing to Reflect

Could we have ever imagined things would be as they are and will be for the short, medium and perhaps long-term. Given all the changes that have taken place over the last three months or so have caused us all to reflect on our situations, what has happened and what might happen. What I’ve heard from some clients is that they haven’t felt as productive as they normally are, feeling more emotional and tired. For other clients, what would have seemed totally impossible or unworkable i.e. working from home, and been a struggle to start with, oddly has started to become more manageable and felt to be better than before, with some really enjoying less travel for example. We’ve moved from a solid platform to shifting sands which has caused us all, I’m sure, to reflect on ourselves, our relationships, highlight our weaknesses and strengths which have come to the