Who Influences You the Most?

Who has influenced you personally and professionally? What has influenced you personally and professionally? What did they do to influence you? How have they influenced you? “Each day you are leading by example. Whether you realise it or not or whether it’s positive or negative, you are influencing those around you.” Rob Liano We can be influenced positively or negatively. Some can challenge us, whereas some provide great chances for us to take. We are often influenced by great leaders who we admire and aspire to be, and they motivate us to be better than we are. What we don’t often take into consideration is that people may see us as leaders, and without realising it we might be influencing others. It’s interesting we often benchmark ourselves against others but can’t measure ourselves as other people see us. If we looked at who specifically influences us, we can then try

It’s Just the Way I Am and Always Will Be!

How often have you heard yourself say, “I’ve always done this” or “I’ve always avoided this”? What we think and say we believe, and what we believe becomes reality, but is it? By repeatedly doing the same thing and expecting a different outcome, or habitually continuing to do the things we know we shouldn’t because they don’t achieve something positive just further embeds our believe we ‘can’t’ do the things we want to or continually avoid the things we know we need to face. This ‘bad’ habit isn’t helpful, and can be a soul destroyer, and just emphasises our believes in ourselves resulting in self-fulfilling prophesies! We can make the changes in our lives we want to, it’s not the way you are or the way we are! We weren’t born like that; we became like that due to something in our lives which has created a ‘perceived’ obstacle or

I Should Be So Lucky!

I’m sure you will be like most people and truly believe there are lucky people in this world that just seem to have nothing but good luck all the time, with everything they touch turning to gold! Whilst the others, seem to forever have bad luck at every turn, one after the other making them feel they are a total failure. But can we make our own luck or is it inherent in us? What are the traits ‘lucky people’ have? Perhaps we can see if we can make some of them rub off on us, or even polish up some of those traits that we do have but haven’t made the best use of? Now you might be one of those people who always grasps an opportunity, or you might be the person who swerves away from opportunity knocking with the fear that moving into the unknown is just

How to be a Great Business Owner

How to be a Great Business Owner If you are a business owner or thinking about being a business owner you need to have a number of great skills to get you going and keep you going. How do we know what these skills are and if we have them? Below are some tips for those up and coming business owners who wish to be able to grow their business more than what they’re already doing. Organisation – As a business owner you need to be adaptable, flexible, be great at time management and organisation skills. Part of being organised is spending time ON the business as well as IN the business, and to do this it requires planning, so our organisation skills are fundamental in achieving business growth Competition – You might have a great product or service; however, you need to be able to show others how your