What do you live or hope for?

Are you someone who keeps trying and trying and never seeming to get anywhere fast? Do you have dreams and hopes which never seem to materialise? Do you often feel like all the hard work and effort you’ve put into things was hardly worth it? It’s interesting how we measure ourselves against how well we feel we achieved. We often see others performing much better than us, or do they? Isn’t that just our perception? We always revert to the default of being our own worst enemy, only seeing our flaws and our failings, focusing only on what we didn’t do rather than what we did. What do you live or hope for? Have you ever asked yourself that question? Do you know the answer?If you have asked yourself and answered yourself, are you working towards that goal? We know that we avoid setting goals for the fear of failure,

Are You a Halfway Harry or Harriet?

To do things halfway means to leave the job or task unfinished, to fail to do much that was necessary or expected, to take half measures. Normally, we wouldn’t drive to the middle of nowhere, turn around and come back. Likewise, we wouldn’t just climb up the stairs or walk into a room, then turn around and climb back down again or walk back from where we started (unless of course we forgot what we were going there for!). It’s said that we need to “Be all in or get all out. There is no halfway.” And this is true isn’t it, halfway measures don’t get the job done and leaves things unfinished and incomplete. It could be said as John Updike said, “Halfway isn’t all the way, but it’s better than no way”. Whilst this might be true, in that it’s better to get started than do nothing, but

It’s Just Mind Over Matter!

I started running the 5kms local Park Run a year or so ago and have also run in a couple of other runs of 9kms, 10kms and 11kms. I enjoy the community aspect of it but still don’t enjoy running, although enjoy the countryside whilst running. Whilst I’ve always used the gym most of my adult life, I’ve always hated the treadmill and feel there’s nothing more monotonous than running aimlessly on one spot. Every park run morning I force myself to get out of bed to run, telling myself it will do me good and being fit and keeping active will keep me healthy. I manage to ‘make’ myself do things I really don’t want to do by using mind over matter. We all know it means we work hard at building our own willpower to work towards being able to use our mind over matter. There are things

It’s Not About Ideas, It’s About Making Ideas Happen!

This is the time of year when we all set goals with every intention of achieving as many as we can. We tell ourselves that this year will be different from last year and we won’t make the same mistakes again, that we’ve learned from our errors. We may or may not start with imagining what our business will look like at the end of five years, ten years or even one year! Imagining or having ideas doesn’t necessarily make them happen! Goals do! Actions do! We do however have to ensure our goals are SMART (specific, measurable, actionable relevant and timely). Vision – We need to have an idea or concept of what our business dream is; what might the ‘end’ product be; what will the business look like when fully mature. To have this clear in our minds is a good way to start as this gives us

How many RE-s do you have in your New Year Resolutions?

How many RE-s have you got? How many RE-s do you want? How many RE-s are you going to introduce into your business in 2020? Perhaps you’re feeling like you’re glad that this year is about to end, and you want a period of time and space to REcover and REcuperate, recapturing any wins you might have had to carry forward to next year. REset; RE-arrange; RE-organise – A New Year can encourage us to REthink how we do things for the forthcoming year; being creative about what we do and why and considering if there’s another, perhaps easier way to do things Sometimes we may feel all we’ve done is REpeat the same things in the same way; we may often feel we should RE-start, REstore or even REbuild our business to RE-invigorate how we see our business and how others may see it. Be REflective – I’m sure