Is Time and Fear Stunting Your Business Growth?

Could this be your year of growth?Would you like it to be your year of growth?Have you dedicated time towards growing your business?Do you have time to spare to dedicate working ON your business? If you’ve answered yes to the first two questions and no to the last two questions, then read on if you think it is now time to start investing in yourself! Time: This can be our enemy or our friend. We know we want time off, time to reflect, time to think, time to know ourselves better, time to know our business better. BUT we use the excuse of not having time and worse still don’t make the time. Fear: Fear can also be our enemy and one of the biggest obstacles or barriers we have, however, more often than not the fears are perceived and not real, and these can hinder us from stepping outside

How Much FUN Do You Have!?

FormulateUniqueNew & Renew It’s funny isn’t it that when we think of the word ‘fun’ we think of something that is enjoyable, something that entertains us, and something that gives us pleasure. I see F-U-N as being an acronym that can still be enjoyable, entertain you and give you pleasure, and that’s thinking about how creative you can be either personally or in your business to ensure you are keeping ahead of your competition, or just wanting to be ahead of the game to keep up with the forever changing needs, particularly in the current climate. Let’s look at the acronym in more detail to see how you can have fun and F-U-N! F = Formulate To be able to formulate something, we must first create an idea or plan of which to design or develop, and to prepare this to a standard or level we are happy with before

It’s Just a Big No No Sometimes Isn’t It?

How many of these ‘no’s’ might you answer ‘yes’ to? No energyNo inclinationNo time We know we have ‘must do’ jobs to do and what we need to do that’s necessary in any given day, but often we procrastinate for all sorts of reasons and sometimes because we are suffering from some of the ‘no’s’ listed above! It becomes a vicious circle, a cycle, a merry-go-round that sometimes we can’t get off to change what we are doing, even although we know to do so will help us become more productive and achieve daily tasks and strategic goals. Here are some ‘N’s’ which you can consider working through to help you address those ‘no’s’ above: Now: This is the only time we have available to us, the present moment, rather than putting something off until tomorrow or another time. By changing our thinking and our mindset we can see that

How Productive Are You Right Now?

Do you find you are busy rather than productive? It’s interesting that Albert Einstein is quoted as saying “Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.” There’s a lot to be said about being busy doing nothing, or nothing of value and feeling you’ve been unproductive at the end of the day! We know we should do the hard jobs first and the easy ones later but doing what we should and what we want are two different things! There’s a saying by Franz Kafka that says “Productivity is being able to do things that you were never able to do before.”, and pretty much this is true in that we can become more successful and productive if we keep learning and remaining focused on the task in hand as well as our long-term goals. We sometimes feel we should or need to do more, when