Do you Feel Guilty When You Take Time Out?

There are some of us who have absolutely no problem whatsoever in taking time out or off, and relaxing and chilling and realising that doing this keeps stress at bay, manages a great work / life balance and helps us maintain motivation, energy and our mindset, let alone our health and wellbeing. However, for the most part, people will take ‘time off’ but feel so guilty that the time off or out is marred by those feelings of ‘I shouldn’t be doing this’. If we are thinking this, then the time out isn’t going to be as productive. Below are four great tips to help you not to feel guilty taking time out or time off from work, career, or business and relaxing. Consider the four tips to help you manage any potential guilt when you want to take time out: Recognise the Importance of Rest: Understand that taking time for

How to Manage What People Think of us Personally or Professionally

It can be very hard managing what people might think of us, particularly when some of what we think is often assumption and far from the truth. There are some who say they don’t care what others think, and they really don’t. However, I would guess, these are more in the minority. We can often say we don’t care, but in reality, we do. And of course, what happens? We reflect on the worst thoughts at night-time, and this can affect our sleep and how we manage the next day. Below are six great tips to help you manage what people think personally and professionally, and hopefully in these there are some takeaways you can use going forward. Authenticity: Be true to yourself. Authenticity builds trust and credibility, both personally and professionally. People appreciate genuine individuals, and aligning your actions with your values creates a positive and lasting impression. Effective Communication: Clearly

Great Reasons Why an Accountability Buddy (Coach) is Helpful

You may have had a coach before, personal, business or other, you may not have done, for perhaps justified reasons. However, there are some really helpful reasons why having a good, qualified accountability buddy (coach) is helpful for everyone, both personally and professionally. Below are five key reasons why having an accountability buddy can help just in case this is something you are or may have considered. Maintaining Focus and Commitment: An accountability buddy, whether personally or professionally, helps you stay focused on your goals. Knowing that someone is aware of your objectives creates a sense of commitment, making it less likely for you to deviate from your intended path. Being on the journey with you can be motivational and inspirational too. Providing Support and Encouragement: During challenging times, having an accountability buddy offers emotional support. They can provide encouragement, offer perspective, and remind you of your capabilities, boosting your morale and

Difficulties in Career Changes – Things to Consider

Sometimes when you’re either in a job or have a business and whichever industry you’re in, there are times when a change in career is considered, however, for lots of reasons, choosing to do nothing is often the easy option, but not necessarily the best one. Changing careers is fraught with difficulties and there are some key things that need to be considered. Check out the five points below to help you navigate through these potential difficulties: Fear of the Unknown: Transitioning to a new career often involves stepping into unfamiliar territory. The fear of the unknown can be a significant barrier, causing anxiety and hesitation. Skills and Qualifications Gap: A shift to a different career may require new skills or qualifications. The gap between your current expertise and the requirements of the desired career can be a challenge to overcome. Financial Concerns & Preparedness: Changing careers might come with financial implications. There