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Business Coaching & Mentoring Programme – Mijburgh Beukes

Debs is a very personable, professional and knowledgeable business coach. She has been instrumental in helping me establish my business, as well as making it sustainable for the long run. It has been incredibly helpful having Debs as an accountability partner to keep things moving! If your business is stuck in a rut or hasn’t taken off yet, give Debs a call to help you reach your goals!

I have been a wage earner all my adult life and essentially got into business out of necessity. The phrase ‘like a fish out of water’ comes to mind! That’s where Debs stepped in. Having someone as knowledgeable and helpful as Debs to be accountable to has helped me in building a business that is sustainable. Her personable manner and shedload of experience have been key in building a trusting relationship. Although our time together is now at an end, in the words of big Arnie, “I’ll be back!”