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Philippa Murphy – Babycues

It was great to have the space each week to download my business, and sometimes personal concerns. I loved the accountability and felt that the sessions became more productive as the weeks went on. Debs has a great way of ‘seeing the wood for the trees’ to help you decipher your next strategy and goals, along with setting up some great organisation practices.

My overall assessment of the Business Coaching & Mentoring Programme was that it has been most helpful and got better as time passed and Debs both learnt more about me and my vision of what I needed from her, and I about how she worked.

The key areas I took away from completing the Business Coaching & Mentoring Programme was the organisational skills for tasks. Being more proactive about asking for what is required and making sure the instructions are clear and favourable to me, not always following what the other person puts in front of me.

The most useful strategy I received was the weekly meeting and check-ins on progression, and the iMA Personal Consultation colours as these helped me understand myself more which gifted me a little freedom within my self-talk, and my partner, thus teaching me more ways to interact and work with him. Very valuable.

There was an opportunity for feedback halfway through the programme where I made one comment about Debs being more direct with communication with me so we can get through the lists and achieve more together, and Debs responded beautifully to this with me from that point and that’s when I began to feel we were getting through enough to make it financially worth it.

What I liked most about how the programme was delivered was meeting Debs and having her support.

The programme has kept me going on the task through a very busy and transformative time of my life. The accountability has been a life-line and will continue to be as I learn to have confidence that I can keep on track with Debs. Personally, it gifted me more perspectives and awareness.

I would definitely recommend Success Factor Business Coaching & Mentoring Programme as with guidance, others will know how to get the value out of the investment.