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If Only We Had More Time, We’d Have Better Work Life Balance

How many times have we said, I wish I had more time, or there’s not enough hours in the day?

How many times have we realised that doing something for us falls off the list and work or business takes over and ‘we’ get forgotten until tomorrow which never comes.

It’s like being on a treadmill and not being able to get off.

There comes a time when we must take control and be in charge of our lives, our calendar and what we do as well as what for and who for.

Below are some areas which you might find helpful as takeaways to manage time better and have a better work life balance.

Lack of time management skills: Ineffective time management can lead to difficulties in prioritising tasks and allocating time for both work and personal responsibilities.

Overcommitment: Saying yes to too many tasks or projects can result in overwhelming workloads, making it challenging to achieve a balanced lifestyle.

Poor boundaries: Failing to establish clear boundaries between work and personal life can result in constant work-related stress and difficulty disconnecting from work during non-working hours.

Unrealistic expectations: Setting unrealistic expectations for yourself or others can lead to feelings of inadequacy and constant pressure to meet unattainable goals, making work-life balance challenging to achieve.

Lack of support: Insufficient support from colleagues, managers, or family members can make it difficult to manage work-life balance effectively, especially if there’s no flexibility or understanding in accommodating personal commitments.

Burnout: Persistent overwork without adequate rest and recovery can lead to burnout, making it challenging to maintain a healthy balance between work and personal life.

Unclear priorities: Without a clear understanding of your priorities, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by competing demands, resulting in neglect of important aspects of both work and personal life.

Three ways to manage work and life balance:

Set Clear Boundaries: Establish clear boundaries between work and personal time. Define specific work hours and commit to unplugging from work-related tasks outside of those designated times to maintain a healthy balance.

Prioritise and Delegate: Identify key tasks and prioritize them based on importance and deadlines. Delegate when possible, and don’t hesitate to ask for support. This helps prevent feeling overwhelmed and ensures a more manageable workload.

Schedule Self-Care Time: Treat personal time with the same importance as work commitments. Schedule regular breaks, vacations, and moments for self-care. This dedicated time allows you to recharge, reducing stress and contributing to a more balanced life.

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