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Alicia, Kevin, Nicola, Raymond & Shelley – Waimakariri District Council

Participated in the Speech Coaching Business Programme

Excellent programme

Great coaching

Team feedback meant we learned from others

I went from being scared to talk to the audience to becoming very relaxed and confident

Learned the tools to use for structuring a speech

Plenty of practical application

Repeated exposure over the 5 weeks helped me become less stressed about presenting

Learned that making the presentation personal, looking at people, planning the speech and linking content makes great presentations!

All tips can be applied to use

I liked the specific homework requirements and work-related speeches

I gained greater confidence in giving work presentations to colleagues, the public and councillors

I learned how to use PowerPoint well, how to use pace and pause well and how to manage nervous breathlessness

It really helped having presentations critiqued

Loved the impromptu speeches

Relaxed and comfortable sessions

I built up my confidence in public speaking

Received great tools for future speeches

Evaluations and self-evaluations were helpful

Loved the sessions being so interactive