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Speech Coaching Business Programme – Comber & Comber – Ash & Maia

“An excellent programme. I liked the fact that I felt I was in a safe space to get my confidence up. I felt the programme was great as it made me realise that I know a lot more than I think, and that if I use the tips to prepare myself I have the skills to give great presentations.

What I found most useful was that the majority of the negative things are all in your head, so focus on the positive and that will shine through in your delivery.”

Maia Rewha

“I felt the speech coaching programme was excellent and made me aware that I can deliver speeches and that fear only occurs when standing up, therefore pretty much irrational! The programme was very encouraging pushing you outside of your comfort zone, but in a safe place and controlled environment.

Personally, I understand the fear but know everyone is the same, and I know that if I know what I’m talking about no-one will oppose me professionally, which has given me more confidence in talking about the business and to potential clients.

What I found most useful was the impromptu speech on the first session as I was terrified, but it actually came out more naturally than my prepared speech, and that speeches delivered more casually come across more natural.”

Ashleigh Jones