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Beyond Accounts – Sarah and Sharon

Debs has helped us at Beyond Accounts immensely. She has an amazing knack of teasing out ideas that you never knew you had!

Debs has helped us to think outside the box. We have new tools for managing our business.

The key points we will take away are the development and completion of our vision, purpose, mission and core values.

The most interesting and useful strategy was coming up with ideas and teasing out information and combining it.

We liked that the programme was fluid and not completely structured so if we had ideas or questions, we could work on them.

The business coaching & mentoring programme has helped us to grow in confidence to build and manage our business.

We would thoroughly recommend Debs as she can always help you to grow and improve regardless of what stage your business is at.

We would highly recommend Success Factor for business owners that are wanting to strengthen and grow their business.