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Brian and Paula Wildsouth Discovery

Our overall assessment of the business coaching & mentoring programme was it was an interesting series of exercises which encouraged us to think outside the square which was very useful to help us make decisions about how to proceed with our business plan i.e. what to do and what not to do.

It enabled us to dissect and to really get a clear picture of all aspects of our business and to evaluate and compare with other similar businesses. It gave us a clear picture of our strengths, weaknesses and how we could improve.

The most interesting exercise was creating our vision, mission, purpose and core values; something which we were not totally aware of and struggled with. Introduction to the Gantt Chart was also beneficial.

We loved the way Debs summarised each session and the timely emails. Always a friendly and encouraging relationship with Debs. She guided us to explore a lot of thought-provoking areas of our business, relationships and principles.

Debs showed us ways to ‘think outside the square’ and look at issues from different angles. Her training and experience in psychology was a definite benefit for us.

Debs has shown us how to look at issues and break them down using tools that we were previously unaware of, or knew but were prompted to utilise.

We were enabled to examine every aspect of our business and to progress through developing our new website.

Debs helped us to make decisions, especially when we were working in the ‘collaboration’ we were part of. She showed us how to analyse situations and break thinks down so that it was obvious what we had to do next.

Thank you Debs.