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Craig Davies – Personal Life Coaching Programme

My overall assessment of the programme was that I was happy because it gave me another point of view and at times reinforced my thinking.

The key points I took away were the areas for me to work on so that I handle my bad personal traits better.

The most useful strategy I took away was using iMA to better understand other people’s personalities as we tend to focus on ourselves. I didn’t even consider that people have different ways of seeing and reacting. I feel understanding this in other people will be an ongoing thing that I will need to remind myself off regularly.

The Personal Life Coaching Programme helped me to better understand me better, I still have doubts, but I feel better about how and I address those and deal with other people much better than I did before.

I would hugely recommend Debs, Success Factor. Not everyone sees value in something like this, it isn’t a magic bullet so I would recommend to people I know who have the same attitude to improve.

I gained a better understanding other people and learned not to be focused on just yourself. If you understand how other people work, then it will make life a lot simpler in your personal and working life and it will help you to appreciate other people.