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Effective Communication and Conflict Resolution – Ironbridge

Debs is a great facilitator, everyone was engaged and learned a lot

Debs is a great personable speaker with lots of experience, stories to illustrate points

The seminar helped me to better understand communications and the role they play in conflicts

Informative and engaging and fun!

Informative, fun, engaging and great learning opportunity!

My biggest takeaway was the ‘toolkit’ of strategies and practices for resolving conflict

Very interesting and reinforced and validated current strategies as well as learning new strategies

I learned about communication and how to deal with conflict; loved discussing it as a group; felt great to learn some new things

I would recommend the seminar to anyone – it taught me that conflict is life and attending the seminar will give anyone the opportunity to learn new skills to deal with conflict

I learned the benefits of giving apologies and whilst hard necessary in many cases to accept our part played in any conflict

The seminar would be great for anyone who works with people and learn about how we act and assume things about others

I learned the importance of listening and hearing and that there is always a solution and another option

Great seminar – really enjoyed the process and had lots of tips to take away and use in future

Great forum to learn new things and helpful to form strategies of how to implement these in a conflict situation

I learned the importance of listening before reacting

Great insight to know how to resolve issues and how to see problems from the other person’s perspective and how to compromise

Everyone needs a reminder on how to solve problems and resolve situations – great seminar!

I feel happier and more confident having the tools to face future conflicting situations

I learned that conflict isn’t always negative, and each conflict is a learning opportunity

Learned loads of new tools which I can use in my daily life at work and in our personal lives

There was something for everyone in today’s seminar!

Great information and strategies; make us think about resolving issues differently and giving us tools to equip us for future conflicts at home and work

Learned some great new strategies to use for future conflicts

The seminar really made me think about how to handle situations better in the future whether at home or work

Received great ideas on what to do in a conflict situation to help me with better outcomes in the future

I learned that communication is key to de-escalate conflict