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P-R-E-S-E-N-T Seminar – Enatel

Excellent seminar!

I learned that mindset is very important as well as prepare, prepare, prepare!

I thought the seminar provided a great opportunity to practice presentations in a safe environment and receive tips and tricks on how to work on improving your presentations.

The most useful tool I took away was the use of the speech template and eliminating ‘filler’ words.

I would hugely recommend this seminar who wants to learn valuable information to help improve their presentation skills. The content was great, seminar informative, full of great tips!

I learned how to handle ‘filler’ words and how to quickly plan presentations.

So many useful tips!

My biggest takeaway was making the presentation more of a conversation than a speech as well as less is more on PowerPoint i.e. using bullet points and talking around them, and how not to use ‘filler’ words!

A very valuable and informative seminar helping with both preparing and executing a presentation.

The seminar provided great practical advice and information for preparing presentations as well as effectively presenting them.

Excellent seminar with my useful strategy being not to learn script to present, how to avoid fillers and not to be afraid of pauses

I would definitely recommend this seminar to anyone who wants to be clear on how to improve their presentation skills and have fun at the same time!