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Framework for Planning & Goal Setting Seminar Feb / Mar 2020

Thanks Debs I feel motivated to get cracking to plan and achieve as well as see results

Great to take the time out and reflect

Get the details of how we can better reach our goals

Go with an open mind and take on all the options

Definitely attend if you struggle setting your goals

Understood the need to be mindful of working to capacity and to work ON the business!

Great interaction with others heading and learning about each others’ businesses

It was great having more clarity on how to gain and achieve my goals

Debs is a highly smart professional and a warm and engaging facilitator

Learned lots to take away and implement!

Relaxed and informal as well as practical, easy to follow and beneficial

Debs knowledge and experience was totally relatable

Great to bounce ideas off of each other

Understood better the specifics of goal setting and planning techniques

Learned the importance of planning the outcome

Debs has a very down-to-earth approach

Great food for thought and great networking opportunity

Great opportunity to refocus ourselves

Gained clarify, focus and direction – it’s so easy to lose ourselves in the day to day stuff!

Understood the need for emotional benefit to achieve my goals