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It’s All About Time Seminar – He Waka Tapu

Here’s what the team said:

I feel empowered to manage my time better!

Great seminar supporting people needing time management.

Great content of information to help build strategies to action and make good use of my time!

The biggest learning was  having an understanding of our day and how we spend our time e.g. unpacking a day and being able to see what parts are a waste of time.

This has helped me to plan my weeks, and got me thinking ahead; great tools to use, great information and great delivery!

It was well worth going to, thought-provoking with great tips to make me really think.

I learned to just go do it! Awesome techniques to go away and use.

The biggest thing I learned to plan and review my weeks in a SMART way and hold myself accountable.

The ‘It’s All About Time’ Seminar is helpful for people who struggle with time management and want to improve your time management.

The seminar helped me to assess my life and what I’m doing well and what could be improve and how to do it!

The best usable tip I gained was to set SMART goals and commit to them.

My takeaways were to review and revise and be more productive with my time in work and at home!