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Speech Coaching Business Programme – Holley Ebony

When I attended my first speech coaching class, I was apprehensive that Success Factor could help me.  I used to get terribly nervous whenever I had to do public speaking, the dead giveaway – my shaky voice and clammy hands.  This coupled with the hand-held full written speech-crutch, I was the ideal speech coaching candidate.

After the first two sessions with Debs at Success Factor, I was already noticing a difference.  My body was no longer reactive when I was up the front speaking.  Debs enduring patience and confidence in me and the other participants was legendary. With Debs insightful tips and the supportive ‘safe’ environment I felt I could be myself and had the encouragement of the group.

Debs gave a lot of helpful feedback around speech techniques do’s and don’ts and how to enhance a presentation by being very conscious with thorough preparation and practice.  This included foregoing any ‘crutch’ relying only on cue cards and visual aids, no mean feat!

By week four then week five, I had successfully partaken a role as MC of a Fashion Show Fundraiser for Aviva Women’s Refuge in front of 80 people, the nerves were under control and it was said to be a raving success!  I don’t believe I would have had the same confidence as an MC without my Success Factor training.   I could not recommend Debs highly enough, it has been invaluable training for my business!


Holley Ebony Stylist