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iMA Seminar – Quinovic Riccarton

Excellent seminar- thank you

The most usable strategies and tips I learned were:

  • Not to take anything personally and the difference in personality types
  • Knowing my iMA colour, my work colleagues and family iMA colours
  • Being and staying present and active listening
  • Understanding how each other ticks and thinks
  • To listen more and be understanding of my colleagues
  • Tailor conversations around the person’s iMA colour

Key Takeaways:

  •  Quick steps to identify the different ‘colours’ of personality
  • Being more aware of others
  • Communicating with people as per their iMA colour
  • Understanding others and their thought processes and WHY they think like that
  • Take time to really listen to others

Testimonials / Recommendations:

  • Very insightful on how to get along with others in all aspects of life
  • Everyone should attend so they too can be more aware
  • Attending the seminar helps to understand yourself and those you interact with
  • It’s great to know who you are working and dealing with; iMA helps the way the conversation goes
  • Very beneficial and informative especially being able to identify ones’ personality traits
  • Definitely would recommend as it’s very beneficial to and for a team
  • Very well presented and a fun seminar that would benefit any business
  • I would recommend this seminar to others as the session was non-confronting or judgemental – all were included and valued
  • The seminar was enjoyable, interactive and with a very relaxed equal opportunity to express their feelings and learnings etc
  • I found the seminar very informative
  • It was very easy to listen to and informative and interactive