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iMA Team Seminar – G&T Catering

Excellent seminar – gained a greater understanding of other team members.

Excellent – gained an understanding of each of the team members colours and how they might respond.

Very informational and helpful the team understanding of each other.

Learned how others might feel and respond so I can work more cohesively my team and be more understanding.

I liked the breakdown of what happens under stress.

My biggest takeaway was to take time to listen and delivery communication appropriately.

I was able to take time to learn about each member of the team.

I learned that all iMA colours make a team, and different colours for specific roles.

Learned how iMA colours depict the way people are and so know not to take offence.

I gained a better understanding of the people I work with.

Understood more how to manage my reactions with other staff.

Understanding others’ communications styles will help me improve my communication and time management skills.

Very informative and interesting learning about communicating better and differently.

I learned a lot about myself and how I can communicate and do things differently.

The session made me more aware of other people’s personality types.

It was interesting to learn about everyone’s needs going forward.

Great team-building session.