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It’s ALL About Time Seminar – 28 July 2021

A great start for time management

You’ll get new ideas and learn about the importance of being self-aware in your tasks

It’s a great opportunity to find and mitigate the blocks to success

Helps you get more out of time

The opportunity to be look at what I do objectively and make room for me

This seminar has something for everyone

Learned I need to structure my day, plan and keep things visual

Debs is clear and speaks in my language

Good interaction – being able to step back and review our methods

Loved the participation and learned how to identify urgent and non urgent tasks

Learned the importance of writing stuff down and making sure the right stuff is on the list at the right time

Identified urgent and non-urgent tasks

Enabled me to think of how I work ina critical yet positive manner

Would recommend to everyone – we are always learning

Learned the importance of week planner, planning generally and structure

Understood the important of planning my whole week and breaking tasks down for overall projects

Reiterated what I already knew and help me understand how to get more out of my time

Implementing a 12-week plan and goal plan

Would definitely recommend – face what blocks your efficiency

I learned how to set big then small goals to get to big goal and be clear on goals big and small

Would recommend this seminar to others – kept me accountable and Debs is very personable and non-judgemental! Very professional

Understood the importance of doing the hard stuff first when I have most energy