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Julie Hassall – Fabric Fusion & Sycamore Sewing School – Business Coaching & Mentoring Programme

I thought the Business Coaching & Mentoring 12-Session Programme was excellent and scored it 10 / 10.

It has been really beneficial to have your support Debs to coach and mentor my business ventures.

Debs provided me with some great tools for planning my direction and workflow. Which has really helped me to have a clearer focus and manifest my goals

What I found most interesting was the importance of networking, having coffees with the right people has really opened doors for me and provided opportunities that I dreamed of. Your personal introductions have fast tracked me towards the right people, thank you.

What I liked the most was the flexibility was great you were able to pivot to which ever area I need coaching or mentoring in.

The Business Coaching & Mentoring Coaching Programme made a difference in that it gave me support to confidently make the connections and changes I needed.

I would recommend Debs at Success Factor and I believe everyone can improve their business skills and practices.

Debs is a great Business Coach and Mentor. She is really supportive and helps provide useful tools to elevate your business direction and practice.

Due to her vast experience in business and wide sphere of contacts she is able to connect you with the right people, which can lead ultimately to achieving your goals and manifesting your dreams.

A huge thank you for your business coaching and mentoring services, your advice and guidance has been invaluable.