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Speech Coaching Business Programme – Leanne and Toni

Excellent Programme!

Learned heaps! Liked doing it weekly to keep the practice going.

It made me more relaxed about speaking in public.

The key think I learned was presentations are not scary; add stores and personal information to be more relatable.

The aspects I found most interesting was the variation of speeches; we can add so much information, vocal variety, actions, movement etc.

Leanne – Red Pencil

Excellent programme, the information was so very, very helpful!

The interaction and explanation at each session was great.

The programme made a difference to my personal and professional role by leaning how to present and do it well – it’s polished me up!

The key thing I got out of participating was to relax into it, prepare and remember that I am here to tell the audience something of substance.

The key aspects of the programme I found most interesting was breaking the presentation up e.g. introduction, topic and conclusion – having a structure!

Toni – He Waka Tapu