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MainPower New Zealand Ltd – Speech Coaching Group – May 2018

Debs was supportive and encouraging and kept everything real. I appreciated her honesty and constructive feedback

Debs is very passionate and comes across very well. Really enjoyed the programme

I improved my self-awareness of use of fillers when speaking

I can now focus on keeping communication simple and not get carried away with all the details

I learned how to do delivery presentations more effectively

I will use the tools I have learnt to improve communication at meetings and delivery presentations

Mind mapping tool enabled me to better structure my speeches as well as reducing the need to use lots of notes

It has given me more confidence to be able to talk in front of people

I learnt people often don’t see your nerves; and having the confidence to talk in front of people

I learnt how to be able to say the right things with passion confidence and eye contact

I really really like the programme and the way it was delivered. Good to get information one week ahead of each session so it was not too overwhelming

It has helped me to be more confident in my delivery and think more about the structure of my presentations

I gained was confidence in my ability to deliver a speech and how to structure my presentations

I enjoyed all of it! Received really useful information which I see as being very useful going forward

The programme was excellent. I learned a lot of new skills

The programme was delivered very well with relevant and useful advice with feedback that was supportive and positive

The programme gave me more confidence and enabled me to reduce my use of notes

I found the mind mapping process really useful as well as learning how to structure a presentation to help me think more clearly about what I want to say